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this nerd has mega issues

uh....what the fucked happened in that losers life to make him like that?

Tiny penis, nerdy dad and no friends.

Anime fetish? Can't he just toss off to Lindsay Lohan like the rest of us?

Anime sucks a fat one, except for Ninja Scroll.

I wasn't into Lohan so much until I saw this:


That's right. Jeannie. And in case nobody else ever watched that show (I still do...), here's what Barbara Eden used to slink around in:

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Absolute genious!!!!
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We'll be seeing him on CNN in 5-10 years when he gets arrested for being our conutry's biggest serial rapist...

As for Barbara Eden, she still looks good even at 70ish. Makes you think that Maj Nelson ("Master") was actually one of those "don't ask, don't tell" officers seeing as he refused to pound that punani.
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