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This is worse than Clarett.


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You may call me crazy, but this situation is worse than the Clarett fiasco. You may think I'm nuts, but even without knowing what happened... this is the last thing that OSU needed.

At least the Clarett fiasco was an isolated incident which we could blame on a very immature, selfish punk kid with his hand out.

This is different, this is MORE damaging. Troy Smith just earned the highest praises from the University, the players, and it's fans. He was the HERO of our team, the LEADER who brought everything together and played his best in the toughest of circumstances.

Now we are learning that he needs to apply to the NCAA for reinstatement for the 2005 season? Goddamnit, that means one of a few things... He's guilty of receiving improper benefits, or he's guilty of academic misconduct.

This is becoming a fucking pattern in this program. My adoration of Jim O'Brien was killed by a $6k gift and stories of Boban Savovich. I still held Jim Tressel in the highest of esteems because of his supposed high ethics, control, and standards.... Just like O'Brien.

I was there for the 310 days speach on January 18th, 2001 - the UM/OSU basketball game. We are beating Michigan, we are doing pretty well in academics, but damnit we are the biggest embarrassment in the NCAA regarding how our student athletes present themselves in the community.

I can forgive an isolated incident, but I'm very upset about this bullshit... I hold everyone responsible. Troy Smith, Jim Tressel, and Andy Geiger. If this is even halfway bad - all of them need to go. And I've always been the biggest supporter of Jim Tressel. I loved the man.
I'm not an Ohio State guy and I know you probably don't want to talk to me about this, but what exactly do you think this means? Does it mean that all the Clarett deal was more spot-on than folks thought? I mean, even if the Clarett stuff was plain jive, I'd think the NCAA would see this and go "Okay, we need to investigate."

Sorry to hear about this, guys. I know it hurts you for the Alamo Bowl, but I'm afraid it might do much more severe long-term damage.

Hopefully there's not much to this.
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Hard to say at this point, but it certainly gives the Clarett story some unnecessary credibilty. Troy seemingly came into his own in the last 5 weeks of the season, matured quite a bit and was (seemingly) a true leader.

We all idolized Troy Smith after the UM game - now we find out that he's in trouble with the NCAA and most likely it's improper benefits?

Does this mean a lack of institutional control - the evil buzzword of the NCAA? I think it just may mean that. An isolated incident is one thing, but damn, we have Troy Smith and several spurned former Buckeyes who say it was going on. That story is starting to look legitimate as much as I hate to admit it. And I've been accused of chugging Buckeye Kool-aide recently.

I hope you're right about there not being much to this, but my gut says this is a big fucking deal.
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"Does this mean a lack of institutional control - the evil buzzword of the NCAA? I think it just may mean that."

Yeah, that's my initial thought.

I mean -- just being from Big 12 country -- the only things we've heard about Ohio State in the past two years are:

-- 2002 national title (great game... wow)
-- Jim O'Brien debacle (bad)
-- The Clarett deal (really weird and bad)
-- Smashing Michiscum (heh) this season (wow... like Bedlam 2002 for us)
-- Troy Smith deal (potentially HORRIBLE)

I'm only pointing all that out so you can see how folks nationally might take this. Other than the championship in 2002, all we've heard concerning Ohio State hasn't been good. And considering the O'Brien deal and the Clarett thing, this Smith deal is a "where there's smoke there's fire" event.

My gut? This could be the beginning of a horrible slippery slope. Which is a shame, because you guys have been great and don't deserve it.

It's like, this changes the priority for you guys from "winning the Alamo Bowl" to "saving the football program."

This could get ugly. Like, old-school Southwest Conference ugly.
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I guess this guy wasn't so bad after all...


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I don't see it...

Of all present players interviewed, Smith was the only one to defend MoC. His buddy, his pal...possibly his partner in crime. None of us has ever denied possible booster payments...I would guarantee you they happen at EVERY major program. However, not every kid is willing to accept them or put themselves in the situation to accept them. This comes down to individual character...we have excused indiscretions in the past with Troy, but if he did accept anything illegal, this program needs to make an example out of him.
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Guys, I know for a fact that this is not even close to what clarett is alleging. It is 10x "better" for the program. Nothing will come of it institutionally. This incident had nothing to do with the athletic dept. In fact, they could've easily swept it under the rug.
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Let's All Take A Deep Breath ...

I certainly understand the anxiety expressed by some on this post, but we really shouldn't rush to judgement until all the facts are in. All we know right now is that Smith has been temporarily suspended - which is bad enough - however, before giving oneself a stroke over it, let's see how it all develops.

Still holding down the fort up here in Michigan, while busting Maize and Blue Chops.

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