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This is why I f*cking hate conference tournaments


The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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  • F*cking Lewis wins the MIVA tournament and goes to Hawaii despite being unranked and having a 19-13 record. Ohio State was 21-8 before having to play Lewis, which just happened to get hot right when they needed. They entered the tournament barely over .500 with a 16-13 record. Where in the f*ck is Lewis University anyways?! The regular season champ should get the automatic bid...championship tourneys and title games do nothing but negate the regular season.
    Conference tourneys exist for one reason - money.

    The increased exposure opportunities with more and more sports networks coupled with the legal requirements of Title IX - the need to max revenues even in sports that don't historically create a lot of them - add up to all collegiate sports looking for more and more reasons to play more games.

    Conference tourneys are here to stay...
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