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The Word From Columbus


You kids stay off my lawn!
News of the Buckeyes gets buried down here. I think the Enquirer editor thinks UK and ND are the local teams. So what's the word in Columbus. The friend-of-a-friend (actually a non-football coach from here talking to his counterpart at Upper Arlington) connection tells me that the whole town is holding its breath and waiting for the NCAA to drop some heavy penalty bomb on the football program, then I read Milliani's post from Hawaii and it sounds like Archie isn't worried. I haven't seen any evidence of our verbals jumping ship. So, Columbus, what's up?
All of the signs, including Myles Brand's positive public remarks on at least two occasions and repeated reassurance from people like Andy Geiger, Jim Tressel, and Archie Griffin, would seem to indicate that there is no "bomb" coming. However, people see what they want to see. I'm sure that lots of people in Cincinnati think that those people are shady, and their comments are meant to hide the truth. But, Cincinnati is a town that holds Bob Huggins' character in high esteem, so I guess we can take their opinions with a grain of salt.
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JT's program will emerge from e-spin's unfair, baised accusations with a fairly clean bill of health. Maybe some brushups on who calls academic/study procedures and the "education" of alumni/boosters.

Basketball under former HC may be entirely different.
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cincibuck said:
News of the Buckeyes gets buried down here. I think the Enquirer editor thinks UK and ND are the local teams.
It seriously seems like the Enquirer goes out of its way to ignore OSU. I think the Alamo Bowl victory was on the 5th page of the sports section, while the front page was reserved for high school basketball or something like that.
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The Buckeye coverage in Cincinnati is horrible. They would rather show highlights of Kentucky then of Ohio State, both football and basketball. Even if you watch the news Ohio State is normally the last story that they give you and it only a score no highlights or anything. Thanks god for a few good websites to keep me up to date on the Buckeyes. Even this past weekend with Ohio State playing what did they show, at least in the bar that I was at? The Mississippi Game, Xavier Game, and the UMass game. Now I can understand the Xavier game but come on Ohio State should at least be the second game that they show. Who is Ohio cares about Mississippi and UMass games.
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I grew up in Dayton where Buckeye football was always page one on Sunday mornings. Then I went to school in Columbus and got spoiled by the Dispatch coverage. I moved to Cincinnati and I couldn't believe the non-coverage. It's Notre Dame - Cincinnati in the fall and XU/UC and UK in the winter. There was a brief change during the 2002 and 2003 season, when they jumped on the bandwagon and I thought maybe things would improve. Not so.
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