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left the hose on most of the afternoon which in turn flooded the basement (we have concrete retaining blocks around the house) and being the nice guy I am well I just started cleaning it up and never said a word but if I had done it!!!!

Any one you guys experience that....
I was putting in a new well pump at my mother's house - the well is in the basement. Apparently, I didn't bring my "A-game" when it came to tightening the clamps, a hose popped off, and the pump sprayed water all over the basement. I feel for ya.
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Save it, and use it well.
Good advice, yes, but be careful. Their memory is much less reliable than ours. Wait too long and she'll forget or deny it.

"I never knew that the basement got flooded. Why is it that every time you do something wrong its ok, but when I make one little mistake I get in trouble!?!"
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They may forget bad stuff they did but they sure as hell don't forget anything bad that you did.

My freaking ex-wife could remember me doing something bad while intoxicated and high all while standing in the middle of a driving rain storm with a blindfold and ear plugs on!

They see everything and don't forget anything!!

Thank God my new wife is cool as hell and doesn't give me any crap (Yet):wink:
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Shortly after moving into our house 8 years ago, my wife did a load of laundry and forgot to remove a pair of shorts from the sink into which the washing machine hose drained. I came home to find water coming out of the mudroom door into the garage (laundry room on 1st floor off the mudroom). Like you, I helped clean it up and pointed out, calmly, to my wife what happened and why. She was appreciative of the manner in which I handled it, which I fully realized later that night.

Two months ago the same thing happened. While I could have gotten upset, pointed out to her how she didn't "learn from her mistake 8 years ago", etc., again I helped clean it up and joked about her need for some ginko biloba. Again the reward for taking the high road was worth it.

You are doing the right thing Chief. Even if there is a nice reward awaiting you later, this is going to be a powerful card in your deck for quite some time.
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