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The Vanderjagt Fuss: Don't Get Your Britches In A Bunch!


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My, my, my! The lengths ESPN will go to to manufacture controversy. Mike Vanderjagt, commenting on the Colts-Pats matchup essentially said that the Pats aren't as good as they were at the beginning of the year, and that the Colts were gonna win. ESPN let out a collective, "OH, SNAP!", and then sought the reaction in Beantown. The Pats players followed up with the typical "disrespect" cliches, and took a few shots at the fact that the comments came from a kicker.

Let me break it all down now for y'all:

First of all, Vanderjagt's right - at least about the Pats not being as good as they were at the beginning of the year. That seemed pretty evident to me, especially in that Miami game.

Second of all, how the hell is saying his team's gonna win disrespectful? If Vanderjagt doesn't expect to win, why bother showing up to play?

Third, who the hell are the Patriots to trivialize a kicker? Look at your hands fellas - they'd be a lot less shiny if it weren't for that strange little guy down at the end of the locker room with the big foot. Without Adam Vinatieri, the Patriots are a less accomplished version of the Buffalo Bills.

Finally - on the idea of trivializing kickers in general. Everybody likes to put them down because, "the real players go out there and battle for 60 minutes, while the kicker goes out there and either gets all the glory, or fucks it up for everyone else". More football players should keep in mind that 95% of the time a kicker or punter comes on the field, it is because the "real" football players failed at doing their own job.
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  • jlb,

    I totally agree! On ESPN last night they had that and the top 10 media-athlete confrontations and had Randy Johnson putting his hand into a camera the otehr day in that list.


    Talk about a slow news day.

    I guess now that they don't have a ton of boring hockey highlights to show that they have to MAKE news.
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    Gonna paste an article for you, Thump, since you enjoy that so much. :p

    Given the boot

    By Jason Cole, Yahoo! Sports
    November 27, 2006

    The Dallas Cowboys substituted one controversial kicker for another Monday when they released Mike Vanderjagt and signed Martin Gramatica.
    Vanderjagt made the one field goal he attempted in Dallas? win over Tampa Bay on Thanksgiving Day. But he missed two kicks in the previous game against his former team, Indianapolis, and there were concerns over how he might react in pressure situations. Last year in the second round of the AFC playoffs, Vanderjagt missed a potential tying field goal in the closing seconds as the Pittsburgh Steelers upset the Colts.
    Earlier in his career, Vanderjagt, who entered this season as the most accurate field goal kicker in NFL history, had alienated Colts quarterback Peyton Manning by making critical comments in the offseason.
    Gramatica spent three games with Indianapolis earlier this season and made one 20-yard field goal as a substitute for injured kicker Adam Vinatieri. Gramatica was considered one of the top kickers in the NFL during the first four years of his career when he played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
    But he slumped badly in the 2003 season. He also injured his knee during one of the exuberant celebrations that marked the early part of his career. He also squabbled with former Pro Bowl punter Todd Sauerbrun.

    Jason Cole is a national NFL writer for Yahoo! Sports. Send Jason a question or comment for potential use in a future column or webcast.
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