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Head Coach
Who is more important to their respective team, and if you think of anyone add them in.






I'm going to go with Young and texas. I believe if he's outta the way then I really don't know who will be stepping up to the plate. USC has numerous people, OKlahoma is Oklahoma they'll blow out most teams till the BCS. We have Holmes, Plus Our running backs who should be better, to go along with our QB's. Florida could push as an arguement because without leak I don't know who they'd go to?
I agree. :)

Our entire offense is built around having a mobile quarterback- option, zone/read, QB draws and bootlegs/scrambles, and probably 50% of our passing yards the last two years have come off play action. If he gets injured, we have two drop-back passers to back him up and the offense reverts back to what it was in 2002. That wasn't pretty.

Florida is interesting though. Behind Leak, they have true freshman Josh Portis, another dual threat QB who will probably be perfect for Meyer's offense. But obviously, he doesn't have experience. So a case can definitely be made for Leak.
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For the upcoming season, I'd say it's a toss up between Peterson and Young for the simple fact that both teams' offenses will be relying extremely heavily on those individuals imparticular.

Ginn is awesome as is Bush and well...Leak is talented, but these three teams have more weapons.
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I think that tOSU's defense is the most important aspect of their game. Sure Ginn is an outstanding, game-breaking player, but if you think about the past couple years, Ohio State's defense is what really kept them in the game. After all, it's the defense that gives Ginn and the offense oppurtunities.
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I'd go with Young and Leak for the first two spots.

I'd also add Kyle Wright at Miami. If he doesn't come through for them, they could have a bad year, and last I saw there was only 1 other QB on scholarship for them.
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I'd have to say Leak with Young a close second. My reseaoning for Leak over Young is that Texas always has a tough defense, so even if Young is hurt, they could rely on their defense. In the case of Leak, I think he HAS to carry his team next year. Maybe somebody could prove me wrong here, but I don't think Florida's defense is as good as the Longhorns' defense. I guess I relate this to our team in '02 with #13 and the team the following year without him. We still had a very successful year relying on our defense to step up and make plays. Florida doesn't have this option next season. All players listed are great players and their respective teams will lean on them to produce this coming season.

Go Bucks!
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Keep in mind that Ted Ginn single-handedly won us the MSU game, and he caused opposing defenses to totally change their schemes when he was on the field the last half of the season. So, I think he's just as "important" to us as is any other player is to his team. If you want to see our offense suddenly become less effective, sit Ginn on the bench for a few series.
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Yes, but tOSU can win games without Ted Ginn. We can't win tons of games without him, but our defense beat a feisty NC state team, as well as a decent Marshall team.

Whereas I do not think Texas would be alive without Vince Young. They have plenty of other talent, but with the way that system is run they would be in serious trouble next year without his ability.
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Young... he alone beat scUM... and he better not beat us!!! Although playing against big time QB's doesn't seem to have a negative effect on our D... we usually eat them up instead of the other way around... I hope the trend continues....
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