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The soljah is in mid-season form

Discussion in 'Professional Football' started by tibor75, Aug 14, 2004.

  1. tibor75

    tibor75 Banned

    2-5-TEN26 (8:33) K.Holcomb pass to D.Northcutt to TEN 22 for 4 yards (R.Wells, A.Woolfolk).
    PENALTY on CLV-K.Winslow, Personal Foul, 14 yards, enforced at TEN 22.
  2. ashlandbuck

    ashlandbuck Banned

    What a pathetic performance by a typically unprepared Butch Davis team.
    The Browns are going to suck.
  3. Brutus1

    Brutus1 Don't be penurious, donate to the BP Spring Dr.

    A couple plays before that, he ran across the field to block a d-lineman
    and the lineman just leaned into the block and KWII went down like a house of cards !! :biggrin:
  4. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    Somebody is going to beat the shit out of him while its still preseason...I have 900 vCash for that man
  5. Bucklion

    Bucklion Throwback Staff Member Former Premier League Champ

    I'm telling everyone right now that will listen, and even those that won't, he's gonna catch about 32 balls for about 400 yards and 2 meaningless TDs at the end of games, and spend the entire season blaming everyone that he "doesn't have the cast" his piece-of-crap father had. He's going to have 2x as many personal fouls as big catches, and he'sgoing to be mediocre at best, because he can't block someone's sister.
  6. LoKyBuckeye

    LoKyBuckeye I give up. This board is too hard to understand.

    It would not suprise me if that happened. As much as I hate Ray Lewis I hope he gives Hellen a nice "welcome" to the league and knocks his ass out.
  7. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Bookie

    The Clowns should take a hard look at luring Dan Fouts out of the booth. I think he'd jump at the opportunity to serve the Winslow family once more, plus, despite his advanced age and overwhelming stupidity, he'd probably still be better than whatever corpse the Clowns ran out there.
  8. tibor75

    tibor75 Banned

  9. LoKyBuckeye

    LoKyBuckeye I give up. This board is too hard to understand.

    nice clip... welcome to the Pros Jr
  10. honor_defend

    honor_defend Newbie

    toy soljah

    That clip made my whole day. I'll save it in case my dog gets hit by a car or something and I need to feel better. It appears that he was pretty popular in Maryland as well.God, he makes it difficult to remain a Browns fan.
  11. OSUBasketballJunkie

    OSUBasketballJunkie Never Forget 31-0

    he will lead the league in personal fouls.

    :smash: that was a nice clip, what a pathetic attempt at a block, get under his pads you fucking prima dona.....damn the browns are pathetic and it really hurts to say that, since I have been a browns fan all my life.

    Words don't desribe the feeling of hatred I have for that ass clown.

    :hatepc: :pissed: :mad1:
  12. BuckeyeTillIDie

    BuckeyeTillIDie The North Remembers

    thanks, Tibs. I was going to ask if anyone had a clip, that is freakin hilarious!
  13. BuckeyeNation27

    BuckeyeNation27 Goal Goal USA! Staff Member

    excellent clip....i was out of town and missed sportscenter this morning.
  14. jlb1705

    jlb1705 hipster doofus Bookie

    Hartsock ain't gonna get blown up like that. Winslow is a turd burgular.
  15. BuckNutty

    BuckNutty Hear The Drummer Get Wicked Staff Member Bookie


    Good stuff, Tibs. Definitely made my evening.

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