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Thanks 3yards.....I use it over on the Skins board and decided I needed a change here as well. I'm sure I'll get some flak for it but what the hell!!!! By the way.....I tried to put some text beneath it but couldn't get it to work.....what kind of tags do I need to use? Every board seems to work a little differently.
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It's no big deal......I copied and pasted it from another site and it didn't initially work. I had to change some of the tags to get it to finally work. I'll play around with it to see if I can get it to work but as I said, if I can't no big deal. Thanks for getting back to me.

This is what I tried to put under the pic and it didn't work.

[font color=red face=comic sans ms size=3]The Ohio State Buckeyes - 2002 National Champions - Holy Buckeye!!![/font]​
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Skins, as you can see I added some text to your signature. Just type whatever you want after the link for your picture (add a "return" first). Format it like you would anything else on this board.

The Ohio State Buckeyes - 2002 National Champions - Holy Buckeye!!!

Like this?

This is the tags needed (change { to [ and change } to ] for it to work)

{FONT=Comic Sans MS}{SIZE=3}{COLOR=Red}The Ohio State Buckeyes - 2002 National Champions - Holy Buckeye!!!{/COLOR}{/SIZE}{/FONT}
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