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The Ohio State-Penn State (sort of) Rivalry

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by LordJeffBuck, Oct 17, 2015.

By LordJeffBuck on Oct 17, 2015 at 11:56 AM
  1. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member

    1. Ohio State holds a 17-13 overall record against Penn State. The Nittany Lions won the first four contests (1912, 1956, 1963, and 1964), and six of the first eight (lost 1975 and 1976; won 1978 and 1980).

    In the thirty contests between the two teams, Ohio State has outscored Penn State 643 to 538, for an average score of 21.4 ppg to 17.9 ppg.

    2. Since Penn State joined the Big Ten in 1993, Ohio State holds a 15-7 lead in the series. The teams have played every season since 1993, and being in the same division, they will play every year going forward unless the Big Ten has further expansion or realignment.

    In the twenty-two Big Ten contests between the two teams, Ohio State has outscored Penn State 582 to 391, for an average score of 26.5 ppg to 17.8 ppg.

    3. Ohio State has won the last three contests against Penn State. Ohio State has never beaten Penn State more than three times in a row. Ohio State also won three in a row from 2002 to 2004.

    4. Penn State has shut out Ohio State three times: 1912 (37-0); 1964 (27-0); and 1978 (19-0). Ohio State has never shut out Penn State.

    5. The first game between Ohio State and Penn State took place in 1912, which the Nittany Lions won 37-0. The Buckeyes left the field with approximately five minutes left in the game, claiming that the Lions were playing dirty football. The teams would not play again for 44 years.

    6. Ohio State's first win in the series came in 1975 by the score of 17-9. Tailback Archie Griffin had 24 rushes for 128 yards, and fullback Pete Johnson had 23 rushes for 112 yards and a pair of touchdowns.

    7. Ohio State also won the 1976 game, 12-7. The Buckeyes rushed the ball 69 times for 280 yards (4.06 ypc) and two touchdowns, but threw just three passes, completing one of them for ten yards. That game was the epitome of the Woody Hayes offense.

    8. In 1978, Ohio State and Penn State opened the season against each other. Buckeye true freshman quarterback Art Schlichter, in his college football debut, threw a team-record five interceptions. Penn State won the game, 19-0, despite having just 287 yards of total offense.

    9. Ohio State and Penn State met once in a bowl game, the 1980 Fiesta Bowl. Penn State won that matchup, 31-19.

    10. In 1994, Penn State beat Ohio State by the score of 63-14, the 5th worst loss in Buckeye history, and the worst since 1946. Penn State out-gained Ohio State, 572 yards to 214 yards.

    Ohio State returned the favor in 2013, pummeling Penn State by the exact same score of 63-14, the 3rd worst beat down in Penn State history, and the worst since 1899. Ohio State out-gained Penn State, 686 yards to 357 yards.

    11. The Buckeyes won the 1995 game, 28-25. Biletnikoff winner Terry Glenn had 9 receptions for 175 yards and two touchdowns, and Heisman winner Eddie George scored the game-winning touchdown with 1:42 left in the game.

    12. In 1997, Ohio State snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. The Buckeyes led the contest 27-17 with 1:48 left in the third quarter. However, Penn State scored 14 unanswered points and won the game by the score of 31 to 27.

    As the third quarter wound down, little used running back Aaron Harris raced 51 yards for a Penn State touchdown to cut the score to 27-24. For the game, Harris had 12 rushes for 96 yards and 2 TDs. For the rest of the season, Harris had 30 rushes for 165 yards and no touchdowns.

    In the fourth quarter, Penn State running back Curtis Enis had 9 rushes for 114 yards, including runs of 16, 24, 26, and 27 yards, and the game-winning score. For the game, Enis had 23 carries for 211 yards and a TD.

    Buckeye quarterback Joe Germaine had a great game statistically, completing 29 of 43 passes for 378 yards and 2 TDs. His 29 completions is the third best in school history, and his 378 yards is second best. However, in the fourth quarter Germaine threw a crucial interception in the red zone and ended the game with four straight incompletions that led to a turnover on downs.

    David Boston caught 14 passes from Germaine, a team record that still stands to this day.

    13. Ohio State won the 2000 game, 45-6, which represented the worst loss in Penn State head coach Joe Paterno's career. The Buckeyes were led by running back Derek Combs, who had 23 carries for 86 yards and a TD, and wide receiver Chad Cacchio, who had 3 catches for 88 yards. You're a real Buckeye fan if you remember those two guys.

    14. The 2001 OSU-PSU game was somewhat reminiscent of the 1998 OSU-MSU game, albeit with much less on the line for Ohio State.

    In the infamous 1998 OSU-MSU game, Ohio State's Damon Moore made a 73-yard pick six with 9:51 left in the third quarter to put the Buckeyes ahead, 24-9. Michigan State would then score 19 unanswered points to win the game, 28-24.

    In the 2001 OSU-PSU game, Ohio State's Derek Ross made a 45-yard pick six with 12:16 left in the third quarter to put the Buckeyes ahead, 27-9. Penn State would then score 20 unanswered points to win the game, 29-27.

    Penn State's victory in the 2001 game marked the 324th career win for Nittany Lion head coach Joe Paterno. The victory moved Paterno past Bear Bryant and set a record for most wins by a major college coach. Paterno would continue to add to his total, eventually accumulating 409 wins before being fired amidst the Jerry Sandusky child rape scandal.

    15. Of course, Ohio State won the 2002 contest as part of their perfect season. The Buckeye defense held the Penn State offense to 7 points, 8 first downs, 179 total yards, and 3 of 13 on third down conversions; they also forced 3 interceptions and 7 punts. However, the Buckeye offense wasn't much better, managing only 6 points and 253 total yards, while also committing 3 turnovers. The difference in the game was cornerback Chris Gamble, who scored the Buckeyes' only touchdown of the game on a 40-yard pick six. The final score: Ohio State 13, Penn State 7.

    16. The 2004 game was a Tresselball special. Ohio State had only 13 first downs and 202 total yards of offense, but won the game thanks to a solid defense, a 67-yard punt return TD by Ted Ginn, and a 24-yard pick six by Tyler Everett. The final score: Ohio State 21, Penn State 10.

    17. The 2005 game begat the Legend of The Rail. Enough said.

    18. The 2006 game included Troy Smith's "Heisman Moment", a scrambling 37-yard TD pass to Brian Robiskie, and a pair of fourth quarter pick sixes by the defense. Ohio State 28, Penn State 6.

    19. The 2010 game saw Ohio State once again get a pair of pick sixes en route to a 38-14 victory over Penn State.

    20. The 2011 game was a battle of interim coaches filling in for legendary coaches who had left in disgrace. Ohio State's Luke Fickell, subbing for Jim Tressel, lost to Penn State's Tom Bradley, subbing for Joe Paterno. Penn State won the game, 20-14.

    21. Ohio State was victorious in the 2012 game, 35-23. The Buckeyes were led by linebacker Ryan Shazier, who had 7 tackles, 2 sacks, and a pick six; and tight end Jake Stoneburner, who had a 72-yard TD reception.

    22. Ohio State won last year's contest in double overtime, 31-24. Defensive end Joey Bosa sealed the victory with a walk-off sack and shrug.

    23. Ohio State fans have dubbed Penn State "Pick Six U" because of all the pick sixes thrown by Nittany Lion quarterbacks against Ohio State. Here's a complete list:

    2001: Derek Ross, 45-yard pick six of Zack Mills
    2002: Chris Gamble, 40-yard pick six of Zack Mills
    2004: Tyler Everett, 24-yard pick six of Michael Robinson
    2006: Malcolm Jenkins, 61-yard pick six of Anthony Morelli
    2006: Antonio Smith, 55-yard pick six of Anthony Morelli
    2007: Malcolm Jenkins, 24-yard pick six of Anthony Morelli
    2010: Devon Torrence, 34-yard pick six of Matt "Moxie" McGloin
    2010: Travis Howard, 30-yard pick six of Matt "Moxie" McGloin
    2012: Ryan Shazier, 17-yard pick six of Matt "Moxie" McGloin​

    Ohio State has a record of 6-1 in the Pick Six games, the only loss being the 2001 contest.

    24. Prior to the 2001 season, Ohio State did not have any pick sixes against Penn State. However, the Buckeyes did have four other defensive touchdowns in three consecutive games:

    1998: Jerry Rudzinski, 0-yard fumble return
    1998: Joe Cooper, 0-yard blocked punt
    1999: Gary Berry, 0-yard fumble return
    2000: Mike Collins, 11-yard fumble return​
    Last edited: Oct 18, 2015


Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by LordJeffBuck, Oct 17, 2015.

    1. BUCKYLE
      I was at this game. The game where Talifero (?) was hurt.

      Poured all morning before the game. I was drinking heavily just standing in the rain. At one point, my beer was almost gone, waiting in line to get another and I look down at my mug as I'm approaching the front of the line and not exaggerating, rain had nearly half filled my cup. No rain gear. Soaked to the bone. Still have my water damaged stubs.
    2. BUCKYLE
      Also, Derek Combs was a Greyhound from Grove City. Chad Cacchio was sneaky athletic. Real gym rat. Reminds me of Hartline.
      brodybuck21 likes this.
    3. Hetuck
      Wasn't it the 2007 game when PSU fans assaulted our band, prompting them to stop making the trip to State College? Have they been back since? They were there last year, weren't they? Anyway, the Bucks won that game 37-17. When they returned to Happy Valley in 2009 they won 24-7 and there should be video on YouTube of the team singing Carmen Ohio a capella with the fans in the band's absence. I don't know how long it was before TBDBITL went back there.

      Of course, in between was the 2008 game which was lost when freshman QB Terrelle Pryor fumbled the ball on a botched QB sneak trying to run it out wide. That was a classic Tresselball game that OSU had in hand until then.

      <sigh> Betting the Under whenever Tressel or Ferentz faced Paterno was free money. I miss those days.
    4. LordJeffBuck
      This reminds me of the ultimate Big Ten Suckfest that occurred on October 23, 2004: Iowa 6, Penn State 4

      The teams combined for 10 points (0 TDs, 2 FGs, 2 safeties); 16 first downs; 10/36 (27.8%) third down conversions; 14 punts; 7 turnovers; 23/59 (39.0%) passing for 222 yards; 69 rushes for 93 yards (1.35 ypc).

      That's 128 total plays for 315 total yards (2.46 yards per play) and 10 total points (0.08 points per play).

      If anything ruined the Big Ten's reputation, it was this game.
      OsUPhAn likes this.
    5. Hetuck
      That was a classic. Iowa was leading 6-2 in the 4th qtr and was backed up in their own end zone. They took the intentional safety rather than risk a punt because they knew PSU's offense was so inept that they couldn't possibly drive the length of the field and score.
    6. MililaniBuckeye
      Now 18-13 all-time, and 15-7 in conference (counting the vacated win from 2010) against the Pedsters, including 10-3 since our 2002 national championship year, six of the last seven, and a current four game winning streak.

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