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The New Media Guide is out.

Apr 20, 2004
I have not seen the new one, but typically they have more of the obscure facts. It contains everything, I think the best part is not the player info which is basically the same as on the website, but the historical stats. OSUs record vs all the different teams and conferences, team records for running plays or yards, sacks in games, seasons and careers. I would say that it is worth it to buy one every couple of years atleast. Plus it is a cool collectible.
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Assistant Coach
Sep 11, 2003
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funman said:
How much info, above and beyond the weekly downloads on the official site, is in the media guide? I always download the .pdf from the SID's office every week. Does this info duplicate what's in the media guide?

Can anyone email me a link to this type of thing? I haven't ever seen it.

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Hall of Fame
Jun 28, 2004
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