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The new marching season is finally upon us!!


The new season is finally begun for the OSUMB as we had our first rehearsal tonight for the volunteer game on Saturday. We got both our pregame and halftime shows on the field and will clean them tomorrow, before performing them on Saturday. I love diving right into things like this. Next week we have tryouts for the 2004 band before we learn another show in 2 days. I've gotta say, I can't wait to see 'The Shoe' come alive on saturday as another great season begins. For me, there is no greater than a saturday afternoon in Ohio Stadium.

Saturday is Alumni Band Day, so it will be a great show as always. Pregame will bring you not 1, but 2 ramp entrances as the alumni band joins us on the field. Soon after, Hang On Sloopy will beformedwith both the aluumni and the current band, then the usual salute will be done to UC with the playing of their fight song, before the band goes into what we call the "Tunnel Sequence" and the national anthem.

Halftime will begin with the marching band performing a short halftime show. The show for this game is usually a portion of the bowl show, but this year that is not the case as last years bowl show was a patriotic show and I believe we are saving one last performance of it to be done for the Marshall game on Sept. 11. So saturdays show will be a short salute to the olympics starting with "Olympic Opener" which begins with an original fanfare, then goes into the familiar strains of Buglers Dream, and The Olympic Fanfare. We will then stand and play "Maleguena" a powerful favorite of many marching bands all over the country.We will then play I Wanna Go Back, as the alumni bad takes the field to put on their own little show. Halftime will conclude with the traditional performance of the truly incomperable 'quad' Script Ohio.

Just thought I'd give some info as I am excited to march on alumni band day for the first time. I'm not much of a writer, but maybe I will try and give everyone on here a little bit of insight into what's going on with the band this season. That is if I am privledged enough to be a part of the band for another season when tryouts have been completed on Wednesday.

One other tidbit: the band just broke in a new teaching tower that has been built on the west side of our practice field. Just another great piece to add to what are probably the finest facilities for any MB in the entire country.

Any early birds that want to stop by, we will probably be hitting the practice field for morning marching rehearsal around 7:30 saturday morning. As for everyone else, I hope to see you at Skull Session at 10:00.

Gotta go now, I've got some music to memorize.
Thanks for sharing... The OSU Marching Band is such a big part of what Ohio State Football is all about. A wish I could be there cheer you guys on as you do Script Ohio. I was able to attend the alumni band day a few years ago and the quad script was awesome. Keep up the great work!
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