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A Michigan grad, Osu grad and a pig were all in a hospital waiting room together as the electricity failed in the hospital for a short time.
Moments after the lights came back on, a nurse walks into the waiting room and announces she has some great news and some not so great news.
The good news is that two children and a piglet was just born. The bad news is that the lights went out at the most inopportune time and we are unsure who's baby is who's.
The two men and the pig got together and they decided to draw straws as to see who would be the first to go in and claim their child.
The OSU grad won the contest and was first to go in to the room to look at the new borns.
After a painstakingly long time the OSU father bowed his head and picked up the piglet to leave the room. The nurse jumped up and said to the new father.
"Are you sure that is your son sir?"
The OSU father replied, "No, I know it isn't but I just can't take the chance on choosing the Michigan kid."