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Long Live Mike Doss
The Jersey Scrimmage will be held in the Horseshoe on Saturday April 17 at 2:00 PM and, according to the O-zone, will be open to the public. What exactly is this scrimmage and is anyone here going?
It's a modified scoring scrimmage b/w the offense and defense. It is for year-long bragging rights and the winner gets rights to the scarlet practice jerseys. I wish I could make it up there, but I have to work Sat. I will be up there for the Spring Game, though.
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WestOgma said:
The Jersey Scrimmage will be held in the Horseshoe on Saturday April 17 at 2:00 PM and, according to the O-zone, will be open to the public. What exactly is this scrimmage and is anyone here going?

Coach Tressel design the scoring himself. It gives the "D" as many ways to score as the "O".
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last year's scrimmage


and from the VG's archives...
yesterday the buckeyes had their jersey scrimmage in the horseshoe. for the first time in some time the offense actually beat the defense and won the right to wear the scarlet jerseys. the defense was somewhat depleted without darrion scott and simon fraser terrorizing the quarterbacks, but the offense still put up solid numbers regardless of what level of depth chart was in the game. no official statistics were released, but some of the other major buckeye sites have posted their unofficial take on the stats. since i was busy doing my part helping the economy yesterday and wasn't anywhere near columbus (as if they would have allowed a guy like me in in the first place) i am just going to comment on some of the statistics and speculate wildly like i normally do.

the first thing that jumps out at you is santonio holmes. santonio had 5 catches for 200+ yards and a couple of scores. outstanding numbers for sure. while one of those passes was a 98 yard touchdown from 5th string qb matt trombitas (and i assume against 5th string type of competition), santonio still had a big day without that catch. in fall camp last year i was most impressed with santonio. he showed the raw talent and explosiveness of a big play receiver. not making a comparison here, but his style of game is similar to that of joey galloway. he isn't the biggest receiver in the world (and he lacks joey's strength too), but he has the speed, the acceleration, and the shiftiness to be a big time target. like i said earlier, i imagine he put up those big numbers against the lower ranks of the depth chart, but you can't fault santonio for burning them. it probably means that santonio is pushing his way up the depth chart if nothing else. mike jenkins and chris gamble are ahead of santonio for sure at this point as is drew carter most likely, but they had better continue working hard or santonio may just pass them up.

another name that jumps out at you from the statistics is redshirt freshman quarterback troy smith. personally i am rooting on my stark county boy justin zwick, but honestly i thought troy smith looked better in practice last fall and it sounds like he is still impressing the coaches this spring. troy threw for a high percentage yesterday and also came up with the big scoring plays in the passing game as well as some solid gainers with his feet. i am starting to believe that troy smith is the future of the buckeyes football program. i am not counting out justin zwick by any stretch of imagination (and i am still rooting on him), but troy has been impressive from every report i have ever read. honestly it doesn't matter this year between justin and troy. neither of those guys is going to beat out craig krenzel. most likely neither of these guys will pass up the impressive back up scott mcmullen either. they are in a battle for thrid string mop up duty and positioning for 2004, nothing less and nothing more.

the third and final player to stand out statistically to me was tight end ben hartsock. hartsock had more catches than all the other receivers and sounded like he was quite effective in the short yardage game. no word on how many of his catches were of the spectacular one handed variety either. i think of hartsock as a complete tight end. he can block for sure and he can catch the ball in the soft parts of the defense. he lacks the top speed to stretch a defense vertically, but he is a tight end afterall. ideally hartsock will become a larger part of the offense in 2003. i am looking for him to be used often in play action passing where krenzel ball fakes to mo or lydell or mo, hartsock chip blocks his man and then releases either into the flat or behind the linebackers that bit on the ball fake. a friend of mine and a long time reader of the site is quite familiar with the jim tressel youngstown state offense and he is telling me this could be a staple of the offense this year. it is probably my second favorite play (behind the naked bootleg) and i think the buckeyes have the perfect type of team to execute it for big yardage.
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i pulled enough pics to stock my site with headshots and whatnot for the next couple of years. i pulled 114 useable pics. the sun was kind today at the shoe and didn't burn me up and gave me good light for some sweet ass pics (didn't mean to get mr sucknuts excited there, the pics are sweet ass, they aren't of sweet asses).

here is one for now with many more to come still tonight while i drink beer and watch the new chris rock special on HBO.

this pic is justin zwick in the huddle staring down the impending heat of anthony schlegel and aj hawk.

here is another pic,

this is antonio pittman with a big hole and running to daylight.

the hole closed and he got a small gain out of it and a large lesson in the speed of college football.


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seems we are still having some issues with the board, it just combined my pics and posts into one post.

oh well, it is still all there and it is still all buckeye.

i wonder if this will combine with the previous two posts.....

here is another pic,

this one is jim tressel spending some quality time with justin zwick and troy smith.

i wasn't impressed by any of the qb's today, C- at best and that is probably generous.


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superbowl hero mike vrable was there today having a good time on the sideline with his kid.

thanks for the link nutty, i couldn't figure out what the hell i was doing wrong. i don't like the feature myself, but whatever is good for all is good for me.

might as well jam another pic in here while i am at it....

this pic is of jim bollman minus the bro/manziere. sorry in advance.


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