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tBBC The Buckeyes Football Challenge


The Buckeyes Football Challenge
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Okay – all of you OSU Football know-it-alls the moment is upon you. The challenge I lay before you is twenty questions reference The Ohio State University and their storied football program. The questions I chose arguably could have been better – even worse. But the questions remain. Just how good are you? The answers just like on any trivia posting is at the end. Be fair. Don’t peek ahead. And do not Google. Each question is worth 5 points (basic grading procedures here – any other method would just confuse me!).

Have fun. And remember the great Woody Hayes is looking down from above and if you CHEAT …. Just know Charlie Bauman got off easy!

1) Who was not a Heisman Trophy Winner?
a) Vic Janowicz b) Les Horvath c) Chic Harley d) Howard Cassady

2) Who was the Head Coach just before Woody Hayes?
a) Paul Brown b) Wes Fesler c) John Wilce d) Francis Schmidt

3) Who owns the rushing TD’s for the Buckeyes with 56 (career)?
a) Pete Johnson b) Tim Spencer c) Jim Otis d) Eddie George

4) Who is the rushing king per game in their career?
a) Chris Wells b) Robert Smith c) Jim Otis d) Archie Griffin

5) Who had the most 100 yards in a season as a Buckeye with 12?
a) Archie Griffin b) Eddie George c) Pepe Pearson d) Antonio Pitman

6) Who is tops for the Scarlet & Gray in pass receptions yards – career?
a) David Boston b) Santonio Holmes c) Ted Ginn, Jr. d) Michael Jenkins

7) Name the TD reception king for OSU in a season with 17?
a) Brian Robiskie b) Cris Carter c) Terry Glenn d) Dan Sanzenbacher

8) Who had 48 consecutive games of catching a pass in their career for the Buckeyes?
a) Gary Williams b) Doug Donley c) John Frank d) Cris Carter

9) Who had 5 consecutive games of 100+ yards receiving?
a) Terry Glenn b) David Boston c) Gary Williams d) Cris Carter

10) Which TE had 10 TD receptions in their career (OSU Leader)?
a) John Lumpkin b) Jeff Ellis c) Jan White d) Brad Dwelle

11) Which OSU QB hit for 458 yards in a single game?
a) Troy Smith b) Joe Germaine c) Art Schlichter d) Bobby Hoying

12) Who owns the OSU passing mark with 3,330 yards in a season?
a) Terrelle Pryor b) Steve Bellisari c) Joe Germaine d) Art Schlichter

13) Who is the Buckeyes reigning passing yardage career champion?
a) Joe Germaine b) Art Schlichter c) Rex Kern d) Mike Tomczak

14) Which running back use to play for the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe?
a) Pepe Pearson b) Antonio Pittman c) Tim Spencer d) Dan Herron

15) Who is the Buckeyes Total Offense career leader?
a) Terrelle Pryor b) Greg Frey c) Art Schlichter d) Bobby Hoying

16) Who is OSU’s career points owner?
a) Mike Nugent b) Dan Schultz c) Howard Cassady d) Vlade Janakievski

17) Who had a .818 field goal percentage for the Buckeyes in their career?
a) Devin Barclay b) Matt Frantz c) Aaron Pettrey d) Mike Nugent

18) Who is the Buckeyes solo tackle leader in the career category?
a) Mike Doss b) Will Smith c) Chris Spielman d) Antonine Winfield

19) Who sacked the QB most in their career for the Buckeyes?
a) James Laurinaitis b) Mike Vrabel c) Will Smith d) Andy Katzenmoyer

20) Who was Art Schlichter’s target on an 86-yard strike in 1979 versus Washington State?
a) Doug Donley b) Calvin Murray c) Chuck Hunter d) Gary Williams
1 – c 2 – b 3 – a 4 – d 5 – b
6 – d 7 – c 8 – a 9 – d 10 – a
11 – c 12 – c 13 – b 14 – a 15 – c
16 – a 17 – d 18 – c 19 – b 20 – b

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