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tBBC The Buckeye Battle Cry Weekly Big Ten Power Poll: Week 2

Shannon Sommers

The Buckeye Battle Cry Weekly Big Ten Power Poll: Week 2
Shannon Sommers
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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When we all sat down to watch the games for the second week of this young football season, no one expected to walk away scratching our heads at to what we witnessed. Thankfully we have time to go back and analyze some of the craziness that is college football.

After all the votes have been tallied we were surprised to see only two teams were unanimous in the secret ballots. Naturally with some upsets (were they really?) we have movement in this week’s power poll.

1. The Ohio State University Buckeyes (2-0,0-0)

Even with the first half snooze fest that turned into a huge storm with a delay at halftime, the Buckeyes took care of business. The members of the scarlet and gray are on the clock, working on going to Norman Oklahoma to face the Sooners.

They will be a lot of questions answered after this game. Before the season started a majority of media pundits have this as a Sooner win, that narrative has changed quickly. Buckeyes will roll into Norman only giving up around 65 yards on the ground and not a single touchdown in eight quarters.

Last Game: Defeated Tulsa 48-3

2. Michigan Wolverines (2-0,0-0)

Did you pick the maize and blue to start the season 2-0?

Did you pick them to average 50 plus points a game so far this season?

Did you pick that Harbaugh has had the best pick this season?

Ok, I’ll stop picking on Michigan getting scared of being eaten after a pick.

Last Game: Defeated UCF 51-14

3. Wisconsin Badgers (2-0,0-0)

Bucky the Badger didn’t have a let-down after their rise up in the AP and college polls this past week.

Chyrst has his team playing good football right now, it will be interesting to see how they finish out.

Last Game: Defeated Akron 54-10

4. Iowa Hawkeyes (2-0,0-0)

Kirk Ferentz received a ten-year extension on his contract. He rewarded the fans and staff a victory over their rivals.

The Big Ten season is fast approaching and it looks like it is going to be one of the best years.

Iowa has their sites on a return to the Big Ten Championship game.

Last Game: Defeated Iowa St. 42-3


5. Nebraska Cornhuskers (2-0, 0-0)

I am afraid to jinx anything for the team in Lincoln.

Let’s just say this year is going in the right direction.

Last Game: Defeated Wyoming 52-17

6. Michigan State Spartans (1-0, 0-0)

Sparty better come out balling this weekend.

Notre Dame will be a test for the young Sparty team.

Having a bye hopefully, they are ready to beat the Golden Domers.

Last Game: Defeated Furman 28-13


7. Minnesota Golden Gophers (2-0, 0-0)

When you are a young team that can win a game by thirty points you are doing something right.

The victory helped Minnesota jump up from #8 last week.

It is a two dilly bar week for everyone!

Last Game: Defeated Indiana St. 58-28


8. Indiana Hoosiers (2-0, 0-0)


We don’t need no stinking defense.

Dear Hoosiers you won’t be able to defeat many teams in the Big Ten by outscoring them. Penn State sure but not a lot of others.

Last Game: Defeated Ball St. 30-10

9. Maryland Terrapins (2-0,0-0)

Coach Durkin has the mighty Terrapins balling out.

Oh, they played FIU.

Hey, a win is a win in a rebuilding team right.

Last Game: Defeated FIU 41-14

10. Illinois Fighting Illini (1-1, 0-0)

Lovie Smith was introduced to the ACC this past weekend.

It didn’t turn out pretty.

Smith’s contact details were released this past week.

By the sounds of it, Lovie is staying in Champaign for at least six years to rebuild the program.

Last Game: Defeated by North Carolina 48-23


11. Penn State Nittany Lions (1-1, 0-0)

If someone doesn’t get things turned around guess who isn’t going to see six years at his current program.

Fans are begging the school to fire James Franklin.

Hate to say but at this point, he looks like he is over his head.

Last Game: Defeated by Pitt 42-39

12. Rutgers Scarlet Knights (1-1, 0-0)

Chris Ash had to be fuming watching his new team fall behind early 14-0.

Ash rallied his troops, getting a come from behind victory.

It is going to be a long process but Ash and company are working hard to get things turned around.

Last Game: Defeated Howard 52-14


13. Purdue Boilermakers (1-1, 0-0)

I hate feeling like I am turning on coach Darrell Hazell.

Let’s end the games and just come out with it.

PJ Fleck is the guy you want Purdue, trust me.

Last Game: Defeated by Cincinnati 38-20

14.Northwestern Wildcats (0-2, 0-0)

Ok, I am puzzled here.

Put your hand up if you thought going into Week 3 that the Wildcats would me winless?

Exactly me either.

Last Game: Defeated by Illinois St. 9-7

Feel free to let us know if you feel we got the Power Poll right.

How would yours be?

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