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tBBC The Buckeye Battle Cry adds Chip Minnich and Shannon Sommers to the staff

Joe Dexter

The Buckeye Battle Cry adds Chip Minnich and Shannon Sommers to the staff
Joe Dexter
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


The Buckeye Battle Cry is excited to announce the addition of two new editors to the staff.

Longtime Ohio State writers Chip Minnich and Shannon Sommers will join the team as co-editors, in an effort to continue the tradition of providing original content to the fan base of Ohio State athletics.

Alongside their writing content, Sommers and Minnich will also continue to host “The Men of the Scarlet and Gray Podcast” at The Buckeye Battle Cry, a show that has become a staple for Ohio State football and basketball fanatics.

“It is truly exciting to be joining up as an editor with The Buckeye Battle Cry,” said Minnich. “I have long respected the site, and being provided the opportunity to contribute alongside other people who are just as passionate about Ohio State football is icing on the cake – or would it be like getting a Buckeye sticker on the helmet? ”

The former volunteer recruiting assistant at Ohio State and scouting intern for the Washington Redskins, has been writing or podcasting about Ohio State football for several years. Chip also has his own blog that focuses on just about anything football-related, Buckeyes or Browns, called From The Mind Of Minnich. He has also contributed to Men of the Scarlet and Gray in the past, and also writes for Athlon Sports.

Happily married with three children, Chip is a lifelong resident of Ohio, residing in Avon Lake, hometown of former Buckeye greats Mike D’Andrea and Anthony Gonzalez. You can follow Chip on Facebook, or on Twitter @ChipMinnich.

Shannon Sommers also comes to The Buckeye Battle Cry from Men of the Scarlet and Gray, where he started his writing career and is forever grateful to them for helping him get his start.

The well-rounded Sommers produces the Men of the Scarlet and Gray podcast and also serves as the Buckeye beat reporter for Talking 10 — and is the managing editor at Burning River Chronicles.

“I have already had a lot of great interaction with some of the current staff in the past,” said Sommers. “I am happy to be joining this great group and look forward to continuing the tradition of building original and unique content.

“So in short, I’m taking my talents to The Buckeye Battle Cry.”

Shannon is a huge fan of all Cleveland sports teams and is well-versed in academia.

While he loves to have fun and not be too serious, Sommers has earned a PhD from the School of Hard Knocks.

He also has the same amount of wins against Ohio State as coaching greats Rich Rodriguez, Jim Harbaugh, and Langdon “Biff” Lea combined.

You can also follow Shannon on Facebook, or on Twitter @smsommers84.

“Adding the talent, knowledge, and most importantly — the passion of Chip and Shannon is a huge gain for the present and future of The Buckeye Battle Cry,” said Joe Dexter, the managing editor.

“These two will be a tremendous asset to our writers, fans, and the overall direction of tBBC and The Sports Daily Network.”

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