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LGHL The best Ohio State celebrations from the 2015-2016 season

Ian Hartitz

The best Ohio State celebrations from the 2015-2016 season
Ian Hartitz
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


What's better than beating your opponent? Beating your opponent then rubbing their face in it.

I've always loved celebrations in football. I sabotaged many a NCAA Football game on PS2 by insisting my players excessively celebrate every touchdown (R2+X amirite?!, please excuse the lame gamecube controls in the linked video), and the mid-2000s were the golden age for football celebrations. Guys like Terrell Owens and Chad Johnson basically forced the NFL to crack down on how far a player could go in their celebration, and college football, sadly, soon followed suit.

These days if a player so much as gives the opposition a second glance it seems like he'll get flagged. A new rule in 2011 prohibited players from celebrating prior to scoring a touchdown was first challenged by none other than LSU punter Brad Wing, who had the balls to taunt the Florida defense on his way to a fake punt touchdown. With players now facing ramifications other than the kickoff or extra point being pushed back, more and more players are content with simply scoring their touchdown and not making a big deal out of it.

Well I'm here to say fuck that, and luckily a good amount of the 2015-2016 Ohio State Buckeyes seem to agree with me. While celebrating is still very much frowned upon by NCAA officials and old people alike, our favorite Buckeyes still found opportunities to rub in their success a little bit more on occasion. Here are the best examples.

Virginia Tech #shhhhhhh

What's better than one celebration? Three celebrations! Up 35-17 late in the 4th quarter against Virginia Tech, Mike Thomas embarrassed corner back Kendall Fuller with a stop and go that left Thomas all alone in the end-zone.

First, Thomas gives a mild fist bump, before noticing Fuller walking past him. I'm sure Fuller didn't have much to say at this point, but that didn't stop Thomas from letting him know to #shhhhhhhhh.

To make this play even better, we get a look at J.T Barrett's weird arm circle thing he tends to do after a big touchdown. I'm not even sure if it's a celebration to be honest, but something about Barrett jogging down the field waving his arms in circles cracks me up.

Lastly, we get Cardale Jones also giving the crowd a #shhhhh despite being on the sideline. This is in contrast to the first play of the game when Jones literally waved his arms to pump up the raging crowd even more, and it also wasn't the only Jones sideline celebration that day.

The copycat celebrations of Zeke

Look, Ezekiel Elliott is a baller and I couldn't be happier with his career repertoire of celebrations. With that said, Zeke gets a 0/10 for originality. This was evidenced by his numerous stolen celebrations over the years.

Yes, watching Zeke hit the "silencer" against Oregon last year was amazing, but remember: Braxton Miller stunted this celebration as early as 2014 against Clemson, but hats off to Elliot for at least dropping the ball first before beating his chest.

Zeke's next stolen celebration comes courtesy of the New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony. If hitting a three pointer is means for a celebration, then I guess scoring three touchdowns also does the trick. My favorite part about Zeke's three touchdown celebration is how long he would hold it, seemingly making sure all of America was aware of his dominance.

Lastly, we have to honor Elliott's last touchdown as a Buckeye. After Joey Bosa's ejection from his last college football game against Notre Dame, Elliott took it upon himself to honor his ex-roommate.

The funniest thing about this touchdown to me is how Elliot waited until his fourth touchdown to pull out the shrug. He had to hit is token silencer and three point celebrations first, then when Zeke crossed the paint for the fourth time, why not both honor your best bud and infuriate the Fighting Irish fan base at the same time?

Of course Zeke's shrug game isn't quite as great as the creator of this masterpiece, and while we didn't see Bosa's shrug quite as often in 2015 as we did in 2014, it was still quite a sight to behold...only it wasn't Bosa's best celebration of 2015!

As great as it is to watch Bosa casually shrug after dominating another quarterback, to see him get this fired up after murdering sacking his ex-high school teammate was a sight to behold. A ferocious fist pump is followed by what I imagine were some choice words that fit the moment, and Bosa doing a turnaround jump shot on the field capped off what should be Bosa's defining junior year moment.


While late to the party, Ohio State's entire secondary took it upon themselves to RUN OFF DA PLUG TWICE on Notre Dame as often as possible. Spoiler: it never got old.

And here's a GIF of the DBs getting their stride-on, by popular request. pic.twitter.com/C6JNaDJyQ1

— Eleven Warriors (@11w) January 1, 2016

However, as great as these celebrations are, there's one particular celi from my personal favorite Buckeye defender that will always be number one in my heart.

Darron Lee raising the arms and looking to the sky

Maybe the most irreplaceable Buckeye behind Bosa, watching Darron Lee stare up to the heavens following a touchdown was glorious to see because while it didn't happen often, to see such an explosive player have a moment of complete calmness was borderline erotic.

What a year for the Buckeyes and for their celebration. Here's to hoping J.T Barrett turns heel against That Team Up North and strikes the Heisman pose in Columbus on Nov. 26.

Did I forget a celebration? Did Jalin Marshall actually do something cool when I assumed he wouldn't? Let's hear it in the comments or on social media.

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