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Back in the mid 70's, right about the time of Watergate a Canadian by the name of Gordon Sinclair made a recording of his tribute to the United States.
I remember in my mid teens that this speech really moved me.
I've wondered many times how to once again get a hold of a copy of it.
On Cleveland's WTAM radio's web page I finally ran it to this recording again.
While much of the examples of American generosity from that recording is of course now dated, his words are just as true today.

If you get the time,check it out. The link is to the web page. Scroll down a bit and you'll see the place to click to listen to it.

I have read that before too, it seems that no one outside our borders really cares. They want us to help when they need a lone or help with something, but when we need something most of them thumb thier nose. The way I figure it, fuck em. It's all or nothing folks.
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