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The World's Favorite Hobo
Kind of a strange topic
What do you think happens when it's your time to put on the wooden pajamas?
Heaven? Hell? Nothing?

I don't believe in Hell or Heaven. I think we just kind of go somewhere else. Another plane of existence.
People who deserve it-serial killers, Saddam Hussein, abortion clinic operators-will definitely be roasting somewhere very unpleasant,IMO. Interestingly, in HS, I met a preacher who had had a near death experience-and went to hell! He said it was cold and isolated-not hot and flaming.
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I"m not sure what I believe anymore. As a kid, I would have said "Yup, there's a heaven and a hell". Now I guess I question things a bit more.

If we go with a heaven- whose definition do we believe? Christians believe that by following God's guidelines and giving yourself to Him, you will get to heaven. And that heaven is a place where "good" people go. However, think about the Muslim terrorists we're dealing with now. They, too, have a belief in a heaven. This heaven can be reached by killing innocent people in the name of their religion. By giving themselves up as suicide bombers, they believe that they are guaranteed a spot in heaven (and something about a bunch of virgins...). Anyway, here are two very different thoughts about what sort of place you may go, and what you need to do to get there. If there truly is one heaven, and Christians and Muslims are talking about the same place, do you really want to go with them?
Which is right?

I haven't completely ruled out the idea of heaven and hell, but what if there really is nothing? Maybe these "near death" experiences that people claim to have are a product of our sub-concious minds, after hearing so much about what is supposed to happen to you when you die.

Maybe the idea of heaven is simply a nice thought, bringing comfort to those who are dying or those whose loved ones have died.

And, maybe there really is a heaven and a hell, just as it is laid out in the Bible.

Hard to say. The people who know aren't talking.....
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Sorry, but there IS proof of a heaven and hell ...



My apologies, now back to your previously scheduled discussion. I do believe in a heaven and a hell, although I'm not sure the descriptions we hear from religious text could even begin to accurately describe what either would be like. It's probably like trying to describe the color yellow to a blind person.
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I've always thought it must take a lot of courage to believe there isn't an afterlife. I personally believe in heaven and hell, but if I'm wrong I'll never know because when I die I won't be conscious to know that I was wrong. However, if you don't believe in heaven and hell and they do exist, you're screwed!
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