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Game Thread That Team Up North @ Ohio State - 11/24/18, The '62' Game, Revenge Revoked


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Ohio State’s Focus From Here On Out Should Be Michigan


Ohio State is currently in a fix-it mode. Trying to figure out how to stop big plays, how to stop little plays, how to run the ball, and how to score when inside the 20-yard line.

That’s all well and good, but during this redesign, if Urban Meyer and his coaching staff aren’t focused on how their offense and defense will fare against Michigan on November 24, this entire exercise will have been for nothing.

As things stand right now, Ohio State can’t run the ball against Michigan. And if they can only throw it, then the Wolverines will come after Dwayne Haskins for all four quarters, and get to him enough to make an impact. The Buckeyes can’t afford to be one dimensional against Michigan, unless that dimension is running the ball successfully on every single down, which is not the expectation at the moment.

The Wolverine offense does not suit OSU well either. They are running the ball better than ever and have employed quarterback Shea Patterson into the run game of late. We saw what Penn State did with a mobile quarterback as Trace McSorley rushed for 175 yards on the Buckeyes earlier in the season.

The Michigan passing game is solid as well, mixing in their pass catchers all over the field, including talented tight ends who get involved in play-actions, which will have the Buckeye linebackers in constant conflict as well.

The Buckeyes have this week off, but when they return they will close out the season with a home game against Nebraska, then road games at Michigan State and Maryland, and not that OSU is in a position to overlook anybody, but if they aren’t preparing for the Final Boss right now, then they’ll never beat The Game.

It’s not enough to just learn how to run the ball again or to be successful in the red zone against Nebraska or Michigan State. Meyer and his offensive coordinators need to be tweaking an offense that will need to run the ball against Michigan. They will need to find plays in the red zone that work against Don Brown’s Wolverine defense.

After all, if they can design things that they believe will work against Michigan, they should work just fine against anybody else on the Buckeyes’ schedule as well. Especially when the biggest fix will simply be effort up front.

I realize that there are three opponents on the schedule that the coaches will have to worry about first, and they should, but there needs to be an eye toward late November when any offensive fixes are being put in place.

If a fix is a fix against Nebraska, but isn’t a fix against Michigan, then what did you actually fix?

The Buckeyes can’t be bungee cording things down right now, they need to actually fix them.

Defensively, the same holds true for Ohio State. Over the next four games they will face mobile quarterbacks who lead offenses that like to run the ball but also have talented wide receivers.

Entire article: https://theozone.net/2018/10/ohio-state-focus-michigan/
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