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I've always liked them
WASHINGTON (Wireless Flash) -- If you're throwing a Thanksgiving party, you might want to have your guests sign a legal waiver allowing you to serve unlimited helpings of turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce without fearing you'll get hit with a big fat lawsuit.

That's the advice of the Center for Consumer Freedom, which has drafted a release form called the "Thanksgiving Guest Liability and Indemnification Agreement" to prevent sue-happy guests from slapping the host of a feast with an obesity lawsuit.

The agreement makes eaters agree not to haul the dinner host into court for the failure to, quote: "provide nutritional information, warn of potential for overeating, or offer healthy alternatives."

Spokesman Dan Mindus says his organization felt the need to make the waiver available to the American public because, these days, there are so many "food police" and lawyers hungry to make obesity lawsuits their next cash cow.


I thought this was a joke till I saw it on the news