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tBBC Thank You Ken Kohl


Thank You Ken Kohl
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


I find it necessary to write about one of tBBC’s own. By no means is it a fluff piece of back-patting of colleagues.

Of recent a colleague of ours here at tBBC retired – bringing a well deserved focus on himself and his family.

Ken was a great colleague and in my case mentor.

Ken was the deliverer for our site for women’s and men’s golf. He also mastered football, basketball (men’s and women’s). I am at a loss, because to speak of Ken’s importance for our site – facing every assignment before him – always taking on more than the rest of us.

I cannot express properly what Ken means to me. I am a writer. My journey has taken me via many routes. I can tell you that when I joined the tBBC staff I was felt welcome immediately by all of the staff. The two honchos Joe Dexter and Ken though I feel went out of their way to welcome me.

One of my fondest memories of Ken was when I began reporting on The Ohio State University Rugby Team as their 2015 season began. I clearly slanted an opinion based on my loyalty (The Buckeyes). I received a tremendous response that was more negative than positive. Folks ripped into me and spoke of my “biasness”. Ken’s advice to me was priceless:

“Perhaps we should be Rugby all-the-time. My God they do voice their opinions, don’t they?”

I could share many more stories reference what I had written and Ken’s advice but I would only journey into the path I do not seek. My intent is purely to exhibit the importance Ken was to both tBBC and me.

Ken is missed.

In closing one of my most recent Ken fantastic truths was concerning the piece I wrote about Jim Harbaugh. I went on a tear and expressed what I felt was an agreement among all of Buckeye Nation. Ken and I were texting all of the absurdities I excluded. It was amazingly funny, real, and precious.

Personally speaking the tBBC will not be the same. That by no means is an exclusion of all the great writers with us at tBBC – specifically Joe Dexter. I love The Ohio State University. I have drunk the Kool-Aid. I love the freedom they allow me and the possibilities because of Ken and his advice I have spoken to Olympians and written about some of the greatest athletes in the history of whatever sport.

Ken helped me get there.

I will miss you Ken. Enjoy your time with your family. As you told me that time when I could not complete a piece for a basketball result because of the emergency reference my wife…” Take care of your family. They are the most important…”

Take care Ken and may God Bless you.

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