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tBBC Ten Questions With D’Angelo Russell


Ten Questions With D’Angelo Russell
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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I am excited to share with all of you out there in Buckeye Nation a brief session I conducted with D’Angelo Russell. The phenomenal Guard that ruled the courts in his one season with The Ohio State Buckeyes in the 2014-15 season is now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers where he continues his magic.

tBBC: Being from Louisville, having played in Florida – how did you come to choose The Ohio State University over the likes of Louisville, North Carolina, even Florida?

Russell: Ohio State’s coaching staff – I had a better connection with them. Being close to home, I just figured it out better with those guys. I could connect with them better.

tBBC: In 2014 you were named a McDonald’s All-American and helped Montverde win back-to-back High School National Tournament Championships – you had to expect great things were coming – but did you ever imagine such a ride?

Russell: No. That was really my coming out party. Once I got selected, I had a chip on my shoulder. So, I just wanted to take advantage of it.

tBBC: On February 8, 2015 against Rutgers you had a rare triple-double, 23 points, 11 rebounds and 11 assists – this was a first for an Ohio State Freshmen … you were completely on fire – can you share with us how you felt before the game, during the game, and afterwards?

Russell: I always tend to play better in the New York/New Jersey area for some reason. That was kind of proof in the pudding right there. It was my night, I guess. I was hot. So, it was cool.

tBBC: While a Buckeye you won the 2015 Oscar Robertson Trophy, Wayman Tisdale Award, and the Jerry West Award. You were named all Big-Ten, Big Ten Freshmen of the Year and were a Consensus All-American. Can you say what honor you are most proud of?

Russell: I would say the Jerry West Award. He’s the logo man, so to be affiliated with anything to do with him is great. I had a great year, but that was like the icing on the cake for individual success.

tBBC: I feel every student at The Ohio State University has that special spot where they yearn for either quiet time, or even positive interaction. Did you have such a spot – and if so where was it?

Russell: I had a girlfriend, so I’d go to her house to relax a little bit.

tBBC: As a Laker on January 7th of this year you hit for 27 points against the Sacramento Kings – was that night comparable to the night at OSU versus Rutgers and your triple-double?

Russell: Yeah, I mean it was just the feeling that you have on those similar nights, when everything is going in and it’s just your night. Your teammates are making shots, and just everything is going “really” good for you – similar nights for me!

tBBC: Who is your favorite Ohio State athlete of all-time – it can be anyone from any era?

Russell: I would say Evan Turner because I used to watch him all the time. He was a big guard, and I considered myself a big guard growing up. It decided what college I was going to go to, and I always saw him at Ohio State, so I had fun watching him.

tBBC: Is there any particular player on the college level today that you enjoy watching and could you explain why?

Russell: I like Buddy Heild. He can really score with the ball. It makes it exciting to watch. You never know what he is going to do. He is going to score 40 or he is going to score 10, but he makes it exciting.

tBBC: Who would you say was the most positive person in your life who saw your potential and encouraged you to excel?

Russell: My Dad, by far. He was my biggest critic, and he was my biggest successor at the same time. He put me down when I needed it, and he lifted me up when I needed it. Definitely my Dad!

tBBC: Please tell your fellow Buckeyes what you love about The Ohio State University and what it means to you to be a Buckeye?

Russell: I would say making it to the tournament. The tournament was great. Traveling from game to game on away games was fun, too. That was what I enjoyed the most.

I want to thank D’Angelo in the time he granted me to answer my Ten Questions. The time he allowed was amazingly unselfish – lest we forget an NBA season is still in swing. In the midst of my request D’Angelo would be shinning on the national stage – scoring 39 points against Brooklyn on 03/01, while continuing against Denver on 03/02 with 24 points, 03/06 against Golden State with 21 points, 03/08 against Orlando with 27 points, and 03/10 against Cleveland with 24 points. I fully comprehend the generosity extended here by D’Angelo especially during such a busy time. I am convinced though that once a Buckeye – ALWAYS a Buckeye. D’Angelo just proved that to us all in this small yet monumental gesture to stay in touch. We all wish you well D’Angelo in your swift ascension into the NBA upper echelon of stardom.

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