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tBBC Tee-k Kelly Awarded All-America Status


Tee-k Kelly Awarded All-America Status
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(Image and announcement courtesy of Ohio State Athletics Dept)

Here’s a bit of more food news for Buckeye Golf. Senior Tee-k Kelly has been named All-America Honorable Mention by the Golf Coaches of America (GCAA)!

If you clicked on the first link (above) you saw where Tee-k led the team in rounds played and in scoring. This, to me, was a “two season” season for Tee-k. The Fall/early Spring portion of the golf schedule was “blah”, at best. In 6 events, he had 1 Top 10 and another Top 20 finish. His average finish during this stretch was 38th, averaging 8.6 over par per event.

But, beginning with his win at the Lone Star Invitational, his average finish was 15th, averaging 2 over par per event. That is an impressive improvement. In six rounds in the NCAA’s, Tee-k averaged almost 1/2 stroke under par per round. That’s some pretty serious golf played under pretty serious circumstances.

Tee-k’s play to close the season provided the “stabilization” of consistently good upperclassman play that, I’m sure, first year coaches Jay Moseley and Brad Smith appreciated. Again, congratulations to Tee-k Kelly for being recognized for his accomplishments.

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