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tBBC Tee-k Kelly +1 After 1st Round NCAA Stroke Play


Tee-k Kelly +1 After 1st Round NCAA Stroke Play
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(Image and tournament courtesy Ohio State Athletics web site. Event statistics and scoring courtesy of Golfstat)

The 2016 NCAA Men’s Golf Championships are played at the same venue as the NCAA Women’s Championships last week; Eugene Country Club in Eugene, OR. The course will play to 7,014 yards and a par of 70. It has a rating of 74.2 and a slope of 136. By contrast, my “home” course plays to 6,638 yards, a par of 72, a rating of 72.0 and a slope of 123. The Eugene CC is one of the tougher courses the men will play this season; if you watched any of the NCAA Women’s Championship, you’d have seen a lot of trees.

How’d He Do?

Tee-k’s round started on the 1st hole.. which he birdied. (Always a good way to begin a round). However, he didn’t help matters with three bogeys in his next five holes to finish the front 9 in a +2, 38. He righted the ship with a superb performance on his back 9. He birdied the tough 425 yard par-4 12th and parred the other eight holes for a -1, 35. His round of 71, +1 had Tee-k in the upper 20% of the contestants.

Tee-k ended the round tied (with a lot of people, 19 to be exact) in 33rd place. The leading scorers were at -3, so being 4 strokes off the pace after one round isn’t too bad.

What’s it Mean?

Tee-k is still in the hunt. He ended the round in 2nd place of those who are participating as individuals. The good news is that four strokes is not a lot of strokes to make up. The some-what good news is that Tee-k has quite a few players to pass to get to the top spot.

Tee-k had a pretty clean opening round; he had 2 birdies / 3 bogeys. The remaining 13 holes were pars. Pars are good scores, particularly in the early rounds, since it shows you have good control of your game. Any score over bogey will be hard to overcome; there is little room for error competing against talented fellow competitors.

Next up; Round 2

Go Buckeyes! Go Tee-k!

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