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Destiny seems to be the only things to explain this team for a second straight year. I know we have a loss, but it just makes it more interesting. When we beat michigan I think we take over USC in the polls.
the difference, imo, between last year and this year is luck.....

i laughed all season last year at how EVERYTHING went right for the bucks....every fumble or tipped ball ended up in a buckeyes lap (anyone remember w.smith in the scum game...laying on his arse, the only buckeye around and navarres fumble rolls right into his lap?)
and all the calls went the bucks way....

this year i have noticed that the opposite has happened.....all of the loose balls have bounced the other way.....but this team keeps on winning........
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Great points comparing last years breaks to this years.
An example from yesterday, Jenkins gets mugged on the pass to the end zone and there was no call. (a horrible no call)
Gamble gets flagged on an interference call right after that and it was just as horrible of a call. Nug can win it in regulation and the snap, hold and kick is no good. Gamble can seal the win with an easy catch and he drops it. This year things are not going the Bucks way nearly as often and they just keep on winning. There is alot of reasons for that kind of stuff but one can not discount a fine head coach and what he brings to this football team. 24-1 over the last 2 seasons.....I'm still pinching myself
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