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his days are numbered....

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It's the same psychobabble bullshit like not keeping score in gym class because you might hurt someone's feelings if they lose. Way to prepare kids for the real world...because we all know it's SO forgiving.
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This thread reminds me of the scene from A River Runs Through It where the father has them re-write the same thing over and over until it's perfect. My kids are in trouble (and it will serve them well later), I re-write my own shit over and over, until it's as perfect as I can make it, before it goes up the chain or out the door. I do it in black, though, because I don't want to make myself cry. :biggrin:
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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
I had a teacher in High School that would line up his red pens that he used for the classes to see. Once they were out of ink he had a little place on the wall for them as a reminder to the students. This was one of the best teachers I ever had. Kids these days are a bunch of candy asses. It all started with giving time outs instead of spanking. What a crock of shit.
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I give my AP students the "Mark of the Toro"-a little doodle of a bull taking a crap when they turn in something that is complete BS. They actually are proud of it, in a perverse sort of way..................
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And this one belongs to the Reds!
“Little guys internalize the red and it doesn’t make them feel good.”

Porteus, who taught elementary school for 20 years, said a teacher should coach kids to do their best, not scare them into thinking they’ll never be good enough. She equates using red ink with drawing a frowning face on a student’s work.

"They put all this effort into something and by marking it up with red, in some ways it is like tearing their hard work to shreds,” she said. “They look at the red and think the teacher is upset with them, and this greatly influences their attempt to do their next paper."

Horse Hockey!!!!!!
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My red pen will never be taken from me! Answer a ? correctly-blue mark. Answer incorrectly-red mark. Hell, half my kids call the red pen the "you lose" pen. If one is in my hand, the other is behind my ear.

Yesterday during a "study skills" class, I had my students read a story in which someone gets an 82. In the story an 82 was a C, now it's a B-. We had a pretty good discussion about how standards are becoming lower. It really seemed to piss off the kids with excellent grades. Maybe if we praise the top 5% instead of lying to the bottom 20%, we'd stop raising a bunch of whiny little cupcakes.
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