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tBBC TBDBITL Report: Dr. Chris Hoch Named OSUMB Director


TBDBITL Report: Dr. Chris Hoch Named OSUMB Director
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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In May of last year we reported that Dr. Chris Hoch had been named the interim directory of The Ohio State University Marching Band. Today OSU announced that they would be removing the word “interim” from that title, naming Dr. Hoch director of the marching band and an assistant professor in the School of Music.

Dr. Hoch’s appointment helps to wrap up a saga that began when former TBDBITL director Jonathan Waters was fired in July, 2014 as a result of an investigation by the university that revealed a “sexualized” culture within the marching band. The investigation, its findings, and the firing Waters sparked controversy that drew national attention. The band was led by a directing team from within the OSU School of Music for the 2014 season before a national search was commenced to find a new director. That search ultimately led to two finalists being brought to campus for interviews but both withdrew their names from the search following their visits. This lead to Dr. Hoch being named as the interim director for the 2015 season.

Dr. Hoch has an extensive history at OSU. He started as a member of TBDBITL while earning bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and music education. He then served as a graduate assistant director with the marching and athletic bands during the 2001 and 2002 seasons while working on his master’s degrees in conducting and music education. After several years teaching at the high school level, Dr. Hoch returned to OSU and earned a PhD in music education in 2012. In 2012 he was named the assistant director of the marching and athletic bands; he was later promoted to the position of associate director following the retirement of Dr. Jon Woods and the naming of Jonathan Waters to the position of TBDBITL director.

During Waters’ time as director saw TBDBITL rise in fame thanks to creative, energetic, crowd pleasing shows that gained a wide following online in addition to thrilling crowds at the stadium. Dr. Hoch played an instrumental role in those now famous shows, obviously serving as a member of the directing staff that made them possible but more importantly, writing the drill for some of the most famous of those shows. Under Dr. Hoch’s leadership last season, the band continued to put on amazing shows and even made its international debut, traveling to London to perform at an NFL game between the Buffalo Bills and the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Dr. Hoch’s initial appointment is through May of 2020 but his position is tenure-eligible and at the end of his appointment he will go up for review for promotion and tenure. This is a pretty standard process for faculty hires at universities and marks a change in the internal status of the position as the director job was not a tenure-track position when Waters held it.

The position as director of The Ohio State University Marching Band has major positives and negatives that go along with it, just like other high profile positions at OSU such as football coach. TBDBITL enjoys a huge amount of respect and fame and has resources that most other college bands could only dream of. The band’s reputation helps it attract some of the best musicians out there as many band members came to OSU just to be in TBDBITL and after graduating those members become involved in a very active and loyal alumni group that helps out the band but also can be extremely critical and demanding. The band’s reputation also means there are very high expectations and the director is under a lot of pressure to meet those expectations and continue to push the band to be the best in the country. The director position is also very time intensive as the band receives numerous requests for appearances and is often used by OSU as a fundraising tool.

On behalf of all of us here at tBBC, I would like to wish Dr. Chris Hoch the best of luck in his new position and look forward to seeing him carrying on the tradition of excellence that has made TBDBITL the pinnacle of all college marching bands.

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