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tBBC TBBC Recruiting Round-Up: The Opening Preview


TBBC Recruiting Round-Up: The Opening Preview
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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On Tuesday, July 5th in Beaverton, Oregon, Ohio State University Nike Football will be presenting The Opening — highlighting a lot of talent from across the nation.

For the most part there are other recruits attending that garner plenty of interest without being one of the new record eleven commits to Ohio State that are attending. That’s a new Opening record by the way.

There have been plenty of current Buckeyes have attended The Opening like last year’s stars, Jonathon Cooper and Austin Mack, who both have a pretty good chance of playing this season. Mack will be a star early and often and showed signs of what he had at this even last year.

This year it seems to be all about the top quarterback and now Buckeye commit, Tate Martell out of Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas. The 5’10” 205 recruit hasn’t lost in the last two seasons (30-0) and led his 7 on 7 squad to a national title win this spring. Martell has been vocal about three other uncommitted recruits since committing, that will be in attendance as well.

Jeffrey Okudah(6’1 1/2″ 190 lbs, #1 Safety from Grand Prairie, Texas,South Grand Prairie) is a heavy Buckeye lean recently.

Tyjon Lindsey(5’8 1/2″ 180 lbs, #4 Wide Receiver from Corona, California, Centennial) is also a heavy Buckeye lean.

Trevon Grimes, the 6’3″ 205 lbs #5 wide receiver from Fort Lauderdale, Florida(St. Thomas Aquinas) is truly the one that coaches have been after and expect him to commit sometime in the near future.

He is the biggest lean of the three and like Mack, could contribute very early after his arrival in Columbus. None of the three have committed and may still take official visits elsewhere.

Those three five stars are just the outlying factors to an already impressive class.

The list of eleven Ohio State commits attending is a crazy one. I have been resisting saying it’s the best ever class to come in just simply due to the fact that none of them can put ink to the paper just yet.

Anything can and will happen in the recruiting world. I will hold judgement until they contribute the way they are expected to and actually produce results.

The group of commits is heavy on the defensive side even though the offensive possibilities have been the highlight of the past two weeks for the 2017 class. The three headlining the group of defenders are five-star cornerback Shaun Wade (6’1″ 177 lbs, #2 cornerback, Jacksonville, Florida, Trinity Christian Academy), Isaiah Pryor (6’1 1/2, 195 lbs, #3 safety, Bradenton, Florida, IMG Academy) and Haskell Garret (6’2″ 298 lbs, #4 defensive tackle, Las Vegas, Nevada, Bishop Gorman).

All three should put on a great showing and all have the potential to come in early and play without waiting due to their skills and talent.

The rest of the defensive commits attending are Brendon White(#10 safety) , Marcus Williamson(#15 cornerback)and four-star linebacker Antjuan Simmons.

A couple of the players expected to help Martell (or Danny Clark, Akron Hoban QB commit not at the Opening) are #1 offensive tackle Josh Meyers (6’6″ 306 lbs, Miamisburg, Ohio), #1 offensive guard Wyatt Davis (6’5″ 310 lbs, Bellflower, California, St.John Bosco) and one of the nation’s best all-purpose backs in J.K. Dobbins (5’9 1/2″ 199 lbs, #3 all-purpose back, La Grange, Texas). Four-star offensive tackle Jake Moretti was injured recently and won’t be attending.

When all is said and done I believe that Wyatt Davis will be the crown jewel of this class of linemen. I love his quickness and foot speed which will be on full display against some of the best defensive prospects The Opening has seen.

The Buckeyes have a few other players they are still attempting to recruit that are attending and will continue to turn up the heat on. Cam Akers is an even more defined target after the Sibley gray-shirt and de-commitment issue.

The Buckeyes really want Akers in Columbus and I am sure that’s why Sibley was asked to gray-shirt.

They will be working towards shoring up the class if they lose the top three they’re after and the best ones on the table are defensive end Chase Young and five-star receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones.

I am looking forward to following The Opening this year just for the excitement of the talent that is attending.

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