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tBBC tBBC Men’s Basketball Pregame Glance: Ohio State vs. Iowa


tBBC Men’s Basketball Pregame Glance: Ohio State vs. Iowa
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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This coming Sunday (02/28/16) at Value City Arena the Ohio State University MBB meets up with the #8 team in the nation: The Iowa Hawkeyes. It all begins at 4:00 p.m. and will be nationally televised on CBS.

The Buckeyes are coming off a bad loss …. at the hands of the *ichigan State University Spartans. Tom Izzo I think finally smiled. The end of the game showed a deficit for the Scarlet & Gray to be 81-62.

Prior to this loss, they took at the hands of the Spartans, the Buckeyes were on a respectable four game winning streak. What I hope here is that this loss does not take them out of focus. Iowa is a different team.

The Buckeyes and their leaderboard is no different than it has been for a good while. Marc Loving continues with a 12.9 average-points per game. Kieta Bates-Diop leads all rebounders with 6.6 boards per contest. JaQuan Lyle is the assist leader with 4.2 per game.

The loss to the Spartans as crazy as this seems may have been a nice wake-up call for this young and talented Buckeyes team. One – it provided evidence that there is a lot to strive for … the goals are not fully achieved. Two – it makes them hungry to revenge the humiliation they endured.
The Hawkeyes are 8th in the Nation. They have been a complete surprise to so many people, both on the National spectrum – and the Big 10. They currently hold a 20-7 overall record and are 11-4 in Conference. Of their last four games, they have dropped three of them. On 02/11 they lost to the Hoosiers 85-78. They beat the Golden Gophers of Minnesota on 02/14 75-71. Penn State stunned them on 02/17 by handing them a 79-75 loss. And their last game on 02/24 the Badgers of Wisconsin sent them packing with a sounding 67-59 loss.

Jarrod Uthoff leads the Hawkeyes with an average of 18.6 points per game. He is followed by Peter Jok who comes in with a 16.5-point average. Adam Woodbury leads all rebounders with 8.3 per game. And the assist leader is Mike Gesell with 6.1.

As I mentioned Iowa is a surprise. Surprises though do not always pan out. The Hawkeyes have lost 3 of 4 games. One of those games was to Penn State. My intent is not to diminish the Nittany Lions. They played hard that game and won. It continues to present the reality that basketball today is … fantastic! There is hardly any ability in predictions. Anything can happen.

After the loss the Buckeyes were handed by the Spartans – I am tempted to say they have been broken, or perhaps educated. However, I would be drifting. I think it was a wake up call. These young Buckeyes often answer the call to surprises.

Let us root hard. See you at Value City Arena as we witness our Buckeyes’ late push in the journey to being invited to the NCAA Tournament.


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