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tBBC tBBC MBB Pregame Glance: OSU vs TTUN


tBBC MBB Pregame Glance: OSU vs TTUN
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(Photo courtesy of highschoolsports.mlive.com)

John Beilein is a good coach and also good at hailing taxis.

This coming Tuesday (Feb., 16th) at 7:00 p.m. The Ohio State University MBB meets up with TTUN at Value City Arena.

The Buckeyes will be heading into this match after a victory against Rutgers on February 13th in New Brunswick 79-69. In that match, Kieta Bates-Diop poured on the talent as he led all scorers with 24 points and doing likewise in rebounding with 14. Jae’Sean Tate made his presence felt as well, hitting for 22 points and 13 rebounds.

It is the sixth time this season that OSU had two-players in one game with double-doubles.

In the matchup coming Tuesday the Buckeyes will step onto the court with an 8-5 record in the Big 10 and 16-10 overall.

Marc Loving who is averaging 12.5 points per game leads the Buckeyes. Kieta Bates-Diop who is delivering 12.1 points per game follows him closely. On the rebounding spectrum, Kieta leads all on the squad with an average of 6.6 per game. Jae’Sean Tate averages 6.3 per game. JaQuan Lyle leads all in assists with 4.5 per game. Jae’Sean also leads in steals with 1.3 and Daniel Giddens is the shot-blocker with 1.7.

The Buckeyes have had some magical moments this season, along with some disappointments. This is “totally” understandable for a young team that, I feel, is built for the future. Buckeye Nation though does not want to look into a crystal ball – they want immediate success. But as fans we need to lean back and observe. Thad has a plan … allow that to unfold. It is, simply put, one game at a time.

Now a possibility is arriving for a defining moment. The win against Kentucky was not expected. Let’s be real! When it happened, Columbus and Scarlet & Gray fans everywhere were ecstatic. It was a great Saturday afternoon, was it not?

Next up TTUN.

TTUN is coming off a victory as well. The victory came the same day as the Buckeye’s – February 13th in Ann Arbor against Purdue 61-56. In this matchup, Zak Irvin led the Wolverines with 22 points while Derrick Walton, Jr. snagged seven boards.

TTUN will arrive in Columbus with a 9-4 record in Big 10 play – 19-7 overall.

The Wolverines leader in points thus far this season is Caris LeVert with an average of 16.5. Derrick Walton, Jr. leads in rebounding with 5.7 per game. Caris LeVert is their leader in assists as well with 4.9.

The essential point that Wolverine fans will love to share reference their victory against the Boilermakers is that Purdue on game day was ranked 18th Nationally in the AP poll and 16th in the USA Today/ESPN polls. But, and TTUN fans need to comprehend this, the surprise this year in College Basketball is there is no surprises. Everyone oddly seems matched up well, no one seems eager to snag that # 1 ranking and hang onto it. It is also a reminder to me that when March Madness rolls around – my sheet may “finally” have a prayer.

Tuesday looks to be a day that possibly, in fact, “can” be a defining moment for this young Buckeyes team. Unlike their victory in Brooklyn against the Wildcats of KY – which indeed was special – a victory against any TTUN team – any time – anywhere – is treasured. This will be the first and only match up between the two rivals in this season. That in itself generates a tremendous amount of energy and notice that will make this a special night.

I generally hate predictions especially since not getting it right navigates you back to reality and has you pondering that as humans such accomplishments are merely frivolous. I, though, find such an urge to interact in this specific game by sharing my “prediction”. I will not surrender to the nonsense of blasting a score – but I will say I feel positive that the young Buckeyes who are built for the future – will deliver. GO BUCKEYES!

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