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tBBC tBBC MBB Pregame Glance: OSU vs. Nebraska

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tBBC MBB Pregame Glance: OSU vs. Nebraska
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(Image courtesy bleacherreport.com)

Coach Tim Miles conducting the Nebraska offense

This Saturday (Feb., 20th) at 7:00 p.m, The Ohio State University travels to Lincoln, Nebraska to meet up with the University of Nebraska for the first and only time this year.

The Buckeyes roll into this game after an exciting win over TTUN on Tuesday the 16th – 76-66. Such a victory is what all Buckeye Nation yearns for – a win over the road kill up north. In this match up five Buckeyes scored in double figures while shooting 54 percent as a team. Marc Loving and Kieta Bates-Diop both simmered the Wolverines with 33 points each. JaQuan Lyle hit for 29. Jae’Sean Tate was a solid for 25 and Trevor Thompson delivered 23. In this balanced attack, Loving pulled down 10 boards and Bates-Diop snatched 7.

The Buckeyes looked ready for the Big Ten Tournament in this match-up.

They currently hold a 17-10 record overall while sliding in with a 9-5 Conference record.

Thus far, this season Marc Loving leads all Buckeye scorers with an average of 12.6. Kieta Bates-Diop is nipping at his heels with an average of 11.9. Kieta leads all rebounders with 6.6 per game. Jae’Sean Tate trails closely with 6.2. The assist leader for the Buckeyes is solely JaQuan Tate’s with a 4.4 average.

I am pleased with the Buckeyes performance against TTUN on three counts. 1) They beat TTUN. 2) They pulled together a solid performance that I have been saying will come. 3) They showed the rest of the Big 10 they can play and will not yield in the combativeness of today’s basketball game.

Now up – The Cornhuskers of Nebraska.

Nebraska is coming off a loss played on Feb. 17th against the Hoosiers of Indiana – 80-64. In this game was promise. Three Cornhuskers scored in double figures: Jack McVeigh (17), Andrew White III (15), and Tai Webster (14).

One of their film highlights this season came Jan., 20th against *ichigan State – handing them a 72-71 defeat. They fought hard and earned the victory unquestionably.

On the season for the Cornhuskers Andrew White III leads all scorers with an average of 17.5. Shavon Shields comes in with an average of 15.7. The rebounding leader is also Andrew White III with 6.1. The assist leader is Shavon Shields with 2.9.

The player that I found to be a silent joy for them is the kid from New Zealand – Guard – Tai Webster. He is averaging 27 minutes of play per game with a 9.7 scoring average and 3.8 on rebounding. What strikes me on Tai is his spunk. The 6’4” guard hustles and plays hard – and is seemingly in every play mixing it up. Keep an eye on him this weekend.

Tai Webster though is not enough for the Cornhuskers to send the Buckeyes back to Columbus defeated. Neither is McVeigh or White III … They have a budding group that plays hard. In this very statement could be a calculation that summarizes a Buckeye loss. This season has been crazy all over College Basketball. No one seems to want to lead the nation in the rankings, in their league, or even in a single game against unranked opponents. To me this is a fun season. I love it. Nevertheless, that does not build up the blocks in my mind that would “not be surprised” in a Cornhuskers win. I would be shocked. The Buckeyes are meshing nicely. They are, too, the better team between the two of which we are discussing.

Expect a Buckeye’s victory as they head into Tuesday the 23rd and battle the Spartans of *ichigan State at Value City Arena.

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