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tBBC tBBC 2016 Resolutions: It’s Not About Us


tBBC 2016 Resolutions: It’s Not About Us
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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It’s the time of year where people make New Year Resolutions for the upcoming year. These usually take the form of promises/commitments/desires for self improvement. Several writers have offered up resolutions for the New Year, but our format will be a bit different.

It’s not that we don’t recognize the need for personal self-improvement (that’s why we have wives/girlfriends) but facing the reality that we probably have a poor track record of keeping resolutions. These resolutions are not for us, but for various teams at The Ohio State University. The onus is on them. Here we go…


Head Coach Urban Meyer should return to his old ways in 2016. Part of Urban Meyers undoing at UF was backing away from being “in-control” of his coordinators. What I mean by that is that the more and more he trusted them the less he said about what they did and that eventually led to the teams performances and effected his health.
I’m not saying that he has let things go in Columbus because he clearly stepped in late in the season and moved Warinner to the press box. What I am saying is that even though he trusts the men that he hired to be his coordinators, he should still be heavily involved in what they do. He is the boss and has to be the barometer of whether or not things are going the way he wants them to.
It’s my hope he becomes as heavily involved in the offense and defense as he was in the beginning.


Ohio State needed to score late and go for 2 point conversion to go up big on TTUN. With Ohio State up 42-13 late in the 4th quarter in Ann Arbor the Buckeyes had the ball with a chance at scoring another touchdown. Every Ohio State fan wanted to score that touchdown and then go for 2. It didn’t happen.

That needs to happen in 2016 in Columbus. And while Ohio State is going for 2 a picture of Woody needs to be on the big scoreboard


Urban Meyer resolves to coach the Fiesta Bowl and every game after with a huge chip on his shoulder and fire in his eyes. To wit:
  • Ohio State has some of the best athletes in the country and needs to start showcasing it.
  • Don’t be afraid to hang half a hundo on the Irish and everyone else on the upcoming schedule.
  • The play calling was soft and it was embarrassing that this team didn’t score 40 or more a game.


My resolution is for Ohio State football team to start every game like it is already in the second quarter. No one can be too sure of what the major change is, but Ohio State has struggled mightily to score points in the first quarter all year. On the season, they have only scored 59 points in the first quarter and have not scored more than seven points since the first game of the season against Virginia Tech when they scored 14 points. This is incredibly lower than they score in any other quarter. Let’s take a look at the breakdown:

Quarter Points Scored Average Per Game
1st 59 4.9
2nd 121 10.1
3rd 118 9.8
4th 122 10.16

Additionally, they have been held to three or less points in the first quarter five times. In the other three quarters combined they have been held to three points or less five times. It is beyond frustrating watching the first quarter of games and can imagine it is the same way for the coaches. This coming year, they will figure out why this is happening.

Within this resolution, I have a sub-resolution for the first quarter in the Notre Dame game. The past nine weeks the Buckeyes have alternated between seven points and zero points in the first quarter. Their last game, they scored seven points against Michigan which according to the trend does not mean good things for the Buckeyes in Glendale. My sub-resolution is to buck this trend and not get shut out in the first quarter against Notre Dame!

(Brandon, for someone about to re-locate, you put way too much thought & research into this. How can I explain to your wife about boxes not getting packed?)


My resolution for the Ohio State University is two-fold. We will deal with the football team first.
I would resolve for the Buckeyes offensive scheme to be better delivered. The talent is clearly there. The plan is sub-par. To blame Cardale Jones, as has been the norm most of the year is absurd. Cardale was thrown into a plan that does not exist within his skills. I would hope that what happens here is that Urban Meyer participates more in the final result. Relying on an old idea from tired plans is clearly a demise of talent that the entire nation saw pre-season. I must be honest. I am not a Warinner or Beck fan, I would rather see Urban take the reins of play-calling. But if that does not happen, which is most likely, I would push for Zach Smith to take a try. Therefore my resolution for the Ohio State University Football Team is for the Offensive attack to take a real approach without any reservations. Clearly the problems throughout this year has been reservations, or shall we say …”lack of confidence.” And how in the world can that be with this “unimaginable” talent? Bold and without mercy should be the plan each and every play. And if it doesn’t happen, or a turnover transpires … we’re get it right next round.
Second resolution would be for the Men’s Basketball team.
I see a clearly talented team. The turnovers thus far is unacceptable. A gelling needs to be consistent. The Buckeyes have tremendous talent that clearly will be back. Understand that the Collegiate game and professional game is tremendously different. For success at The Ohio State University these kids must “play” together. How is this done? The victory against KY proves ability. The plan to keep this positivity is to produce the idea that The Ohio State University is first and foremost. Team play is essential. This can happen. Therefore my resolution for the Men’s Basketball Team is that this team comprehends team, not self. In that understanding we will be pleasantly surprised this year in Big 10 play and will see these kids in the NCAA Tournament. It is actually easier said then done. We have the talent.


The Ohio State women’s basketball team resolves to box out and rebound better this year. Rebounding has been a glaring issue for this team for the past couple years and has cost them games. The Buckeyes shoot well but rarely get many second chance points due to rebounding struggles. At the same time, opposing teams get way too many second chance opportunities which makes the OSU defense look worse than it is.


Ohio State’s Wrestling program and the Buckeye Athletic Department should join together in 2016 and form a resolution to do everything possible to use the momentum of a National Championship to push the wrestling program to the elite level of Penn State and Iowa.

After an amazing run in 2015, everything seems to be in place to make the jump to the highest level possible in the sport. Head Coach Tom Ryan continues to prove that he is one of the greatest out there at growing a program.

For the first time ever, Ohio natives are choosing Ohio State consistently over the likes of Iowa.

Attendance last year at St. John was the 4th highest attendance rate across the country. Over 6,500 fans witnessed Ohio State and Penn State last season. Yet, the Bucks still averaged 4,000 + less fans per dual than Iowa did a year ago.

The Buckeyes are winning at a high rate and have built, from the ground up, one of the highest level Olympic training centers. Columbus is a place where the best in the United States want to train and get better.

The history in this program might not be at the level of Iowa, but it definitely is building on the foundation of it’s great individual wrestling history.

So, how can the athletic department and wrestling program help each other grow?

How about doing something that has rarely been done before? How about a highly promoted and revenue based event held at Ohio Stadium against the Michigan Wolverines? Competing in a conference dual could be tough, considering the weather, so how about another one of the top power houses?

For a special Saturday in the Shoe, why not welcome in the service academies

Credit has to be handed out to both sides though in the growth we’ve already seen. Gene Smith has done a lot to help the recognition of the program. Tom Ryan has gone beyond measure to help grow a struggling program into a perennial contender.

The Buckeyes though are right on the brink of being one of the top three programs in the country.

The wrestling part has taken care of itself. Here’s to hoping the rise in popularity and love for the sport continues to grow amongst Ohio State faithful.


The men’s basketball team will resolve to hang on to the ball better in 2016. They currently average 14.1 turnovers per game, ranking them 11th in the Big Ten (I know, the math doesn’t sound right) and 260th of 351 (D1) teams. Further, they turn the ball over on 20% of their possessions, ranking them 264th in the country.

Being more efficient on offense, or at least being in a position to take more shots will help things considerably. Improving their points per possession (PPP) by one/tenth of a point, to get them to 2014 levels, will furnish another 7 points per game. That might come in handy in Conference play..

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