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LGHL Tate Martell commits to Ohio State football

Matt Brown

Tate Martell commits to Ohio State football
Matt Brown
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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The Buckeyes just grabbed a five star QB BOOOOOOOOM!

Ohio State currently already has a quarterback in the 2017 class, four-star Danny Clark. But the Buckeyes have been active over the last several months in trying to secure the services of a second, more dual-threat QB to add to this class. And today, they found their man, in a big way.

Five star quarterback Tate Martell, of Bishop Gorman in Las Vegas, committed to Ohio State. Martell, who visited Ohio State in late March, was previously a Texas A&M commit. He reopened his commitment on May 5.

Martell is the top ranked dual-threat QB in the nation, per the 247Sports Composite. He's also the top ranked player in the state of Nevada, and the 33rd best recruit in the entire country. His commitment, should it stick, would be a monster addition for the Buckeyes, serving as one of the top recruits in what is already shaping up to be a historically great class.

Martell's commitment also likely is a very positive sign in Ohio State's hopes to land five-star wideout Tyjon Lindsey, who played high school football with Martell and is very close to him. The Buckeyes have been pursing Lindsey doggedly, and his commitment would even further cement Ohio State's grip on the top ranked national recruiting class.

At 5'10, 203 pounds, Martell brings a very different look to Ohio State's QB room, when compared to other Buckeye quarterbacks like Dwayne Haskins and Joey Burrow. While a capable passer, Martell is much more of a running threat, more akin to what Braxton Miller brought to the table. His addition gives additional flexibility to the kinds of packages Ohio State can use in the future, as there isn't a true dual-threat QB currently on the roster (although Burrow, Haskins and Clark aren't exactly statutes).

Martell picked Ohio State over USC, Cal, Alabama, and virtually every other major player. Expect other schools, especially USC and Cal (where he has a relationship with their offensive coordinator) to continue to recruit Martell over the next several months.

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