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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
I had the chance to eat some fried aligator tonight.... wasn't really for me. Tasted a bit like chicken but also had kind of a fishy taste and I'm not a big fish eater. It was also a little chewy... they gave us a honey mustard sauce for dipping but it really didn't help. I give it a 3 out of 10 but I can be a picky eater sometimes.

Anyone have any good stories of exoitc foods they have tried???

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Grits are awesome. Bowl of buttery grits w/honey, some biscuits, eggs, and sausage-that's good eatin'.

I had BBQ eel in Japan-it was pretty good. I also had squid and broccoli pizza there as well-that was pretty good, the apsaragus pizza that came w/ it was gross,tho....
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kinch said:

Uni may be the single most disgusting food I have ever tried, at least for my taste. It is gooey and melts in a bitter/rotted flesh kinda way in your mouth.

My brother likes sushi quite a bit, but when I had him try uni I thought he was going to blow rice right there...
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Alligator Sauce piquant(SP)

Venison Sausage


Brunswick stew with all wild game


Kill It and Grill it

Most folks don't like grits, they like the butter and syrup they bury it in to cover the taste.:biggrin:
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I forgot that I had rattlesnake once. Not bad, but not as good as the gator. I had both of these dishes in good old New Orleans. Great place with the best food in the world.

Probably the oddest wild game I ever had was Wild Boar. It was actually pretty good. Venison is okay, but I cannot eat a ton of it.
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