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Weekend Series

This weekend certainly is definitely a big weekend for the CCHA. If Michigan can go into Columbus and steal one or both games they will have a huge leg up heading into the final stretch of the regular season.

How have your freshman been doing lately? Still leading your offense?
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It sounds like It'll be a good series

Your freshman have been leading you all season and our offense is clicking right now like no time I can ever remember. Dave Curaso is going to have to play one heck of a game with the tear we've been on right now (averaging 5.5 goals per game the past 4 games).

Just some info on the "good guys" for you guys who plan on attending or watching the game...

T.J. Hensick (#7) is our play maker. He's our leading scorer with 15 goals and really sets up about half our offense, or so it seems. He's very quick and has an uncanny ability to find a good shot when you don't even think it's coming.

Jeff Tambellini (#15) is the sharp shooter. He had been having a rough season but he's hot now scoring goals in 3 of the last 4 games, two of them coming off shots from the point after face off wins.

Milan Gajic (#9) plays on a line with Hensick and the two of them are awesome on the power play. Gajic is another very creative player who can get things going.

Al Montoya (Goalie) will probably be the key to this whole weekend. He has been the premier goalie in the CCHA his first two years on campus but is having one crappy season right now. He played terrible at the World Junior Championships for Team USA and then gave up 10 goals in two games against Western Michigan when he returned. He did look much better last weekend, but which Al will show up in Columbus?

Matt Hunwick (#6) Probably our best defender...maybe behind Brandon Rogers IMO. He's pretty fast and has a solid game and is consistent. He is prone to getting beat back though which has led to a few breakaways on Montoya.

Brandon Rogers (#5) Our most experienced defender. Very consistent.

That should get you through the weekend. If I can think of anything I forgot I'll be sure to post it here....
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