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Strength of Schedule. Guess who 117th is.

Another reason why the B(c)S is a joke. I read a few weeks ago that they were 95th and falling. It's such a shame that they took strength of schedule out just because last year's media darling got hurt too much by it. I'm sure after the traveshamockery this year, they'll throw it back in. Utah wouldn't even be in consideration with this factored in!

Every year they recalculate the formula so that it gets them the results they wanted the previous year. Then they call it fixed. It's all crap.

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What was Youngstown State's strength of schedule the year before Tressel was hired? Oh, that's right, he wasn't even D1a. A winning coach, is a winning coach. It's not like he's using upper echelon talent to play against that schedule either. Utah, will get rolled in their BCS game, but not because of coaching. The program just doesn't have those kinds of athletes. If he can get his kids to play within his scheme, and get up for a game against BFE State A&M Tech, then he's a good coach.
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bucknut11 said:
They won't necessarily get beaten and that's the scary thing. If they do get in, they'll be playing the big Least champion, most likely Pitt. That's a pretty weak BCS opponent.
That's true. Plus the possibility of a Boise St. v. Utah BCS game is still out there. Pretty slim chance though. So, maybe they won't get rolled, or beaten, but my point remains the same. Meyer didn't make the schedule. He just coached his team to a win in every game they played this year, and most of them were blow outs.
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