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Not sure how many of you have seen this article that is linked to the front page but it seems to be a niec way to kick off the football weekend.

Stay in the stands
Posted: 09.16.2004
Austin Johnson
I can see it now.

N.C. State's Jay Davis takes a knee, and fans rush out onto the field to celebrate an upset victory over the Ohio State Buckeyes.

But wait -- time hasn't expired yet. That doesn't stop the elated throng of fans from trying to rip down the goalpost (it's collapsible now, though).

Buckeye Coach Jim Tressell eventually agrees to call the game -- it was over anyway; State had the win sealed. Sportscenter kicks off its broadcast with the upset and is sure to include the mistake of hundreds of Wolfpack fans rushing the field early -- clamoring for their chance to take Pepper Spray to the eye.

That vision should be reason enough to realize that if on Saturday your beloved Pack manages to squeeze out a victory over Ohio State, maybe you should refrain from jumping the wall.

I can't remember a single instance in which a commentator has said, "And the fans rush the field in ecstasy, showing love for their team in a way that only rioting can really illustrate."

Are there times when rushing the field/court is defensible? I'd say yes, take last year's win over Duke in basketball. Duke was No. 1 at the time, and we kicked them out of their post. Or in 1998, when State took down the impenetrable force that was Florida State football. They were only the second ACC team to beat the Seminoles since FSU joined the league in 1993.

But this weekend, against this opponent, isn't the time. For one thing, and I can't stress this enough -- it's the second game of the season. The second game. State could go on to lose nine straight, as unlikely as that is, and miss out on a bowl game completely.

It's also not a conference game. While the win will surely pull the Pack into the top-25 nationally, it brings them no closer to a league title that has eluded them for 25 years.

In reality, it's much more important that State beats Wake Forest or Georgia Tech than beating the Buckeyes. The bragging rights might not be there; those are victories that count in the ACC standings.

Ohio State isn't a defending champion -- not this year. In fact, if their first two games are any indication, they might not even be that good of a team this year. Would it really be worth it to rush the field for beating a team that finishes 8-5?

I know that it can seem like the greatest moment in State football history when you're in the stands watching a big win unfold. But try to step back, think in context and realize maybe the win isn't as big as it seems.

Save your celebration for later in the season, when a game really matters. Like if State defeats Florida State to win a conference title. Hey, it might even be worth taking some Pepper Spray in the eye.

Austin can be reached at 515-2411 or [email protected]

OK, I can understand that we don't deserve to be considered among the favorites for the NC, but this guy makes it sound like we will be lucky to just finish about .500. I got quite the chuckle out of this guys ignorance. I am sure this doesn't quite measure up to the Miami reporters that were all but calling for the BCS people to euthanize tOSU and just call the Fiesta Bowl before it ever happened, but this guy really seems to be living in a dream world. Correct me if I am wrong, but the Buckeyes are favored to win this game right? Not by much but we are still favored. I truely hope the Buckeyes break open the BIGGEST can of WHOOP-ASS ever and just cruch this team. If (big if I know) that happens, I am just going to email this guy a copy of this article and the copy of the box score.
Would it really be worth it to rush the field for beating a team that finishes 8-5?

Hmmm- I believe this is why we didn't rush the field last year.
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Oh, what the hell. I sent him an e-mail, it's slow at work and I'm kinda bored....


I'm a Buckeye alum and a huge fan, and I just finished reading your "article" from the Technician on-line. Now, I'm sure that you and the entire Wolfpack are all pumped up and ready to go, and I'm sure that the football team is convinced that they can upset the Buckeyes. That's great- you've got to have confidence in your team, and who knows? Anything can happen on a college football Saturday.

But, Ohio State at 8-5? "Not that good"? You've got to be kidding me. Did Ivan knock a tree over on your head? You referenced our first couple of games- "...if their first two games are any indication"- well, let's see... Against Cincinnati we kept them out of the endzone, allowed only 76 yards rushing, and rang up 462 yards of total offense. Against Marshall (admittedly closer than it should have been) we allowed 150 yards rushing and gained 403 yds of offense, and then won after giving the ball up 4 times. I'd say that looks a little better than 8-5, don't you think? Oh, speaking of 8-5, we only play 11 games this year. If you can figure out how to go 8-5 on an 11-game schedule, you're a better math whiz than I am.

In addition, and I'm not making excuses - just telling it like it is, we lost 14 players to the NFL from last year, we lost our defensive coordinator, running backs coach, and recruiting coordinator, and we've got a pretty young team led by a young first-year starting QB. How many teams can lose that much and come out ranked in the top ten and go 2-0? I'd guess not too many.

Finally, you might not have been paying attention a few years ago, but when OSU went 14-0 enroute to the National Championship, we won several close games. It may not be pretty, and it may not get you on the highlight reel, but at the end of the day a win is a win. Lucky? Maybe once or twice, but 14 times? That's no longer luck, that's talent and strategy. Sure, I'd love to see a few good blowouts (this Sat. would be a good time for one...), but if Coach Tressel feels better about playing them close, that's ok. By the way, Tressel's 32-7 so far at OSU.

But, hey, who am I to spoil your fun? I think you're delusional, and I don't think you did your homework before writing this article, but that's just me. If you want to write this crap, and the NC State paper wants to publish it, I guess that's ok. We'll see you on Saturday- try and pay attention.

:oh: :io:
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Heard Reece Davis on Herbie and Fitz today saying he was sticking by his NCState pick despite the fact that the fans turned a 2.5 point dog in to a 2.5/3.0 point favorite. He had his reasons, which is fine.. I disagree with them, but hey, an opinion is an opinion.. anyway, he says something to the effect of, "Well, everyone seems to think that this game is in the bag for NCState and their the popular pick. Seems like a lot of times that happens, that team loses."

Keep the hype machine rolling over at "state" (How friggin retarded is that? I'd never dream of calling Ohio State "state") Ohio State aint Richmond. Boys, you about to get hit.... hard.
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I just wrote an article, it's short but sweet.

Dont Head for Your Car at Halftime

Raleigh, NC - Wolfpack fans are advised not to head for their car at halftime of tomorrow's game against Ohio State. The traffic will be a bitch. You're much better off leaving halfway through the second quarter - the game will pretty much be over then anyway, and you'll beat the rush. Save your halftime exit for a more important foe like Florida State, for whom you have more reason to hold out hope against, seeing as how Chris Rix sucks and all.

jlb1705 can be reached at [email protected]
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