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St. Henry (OH) tOSU Stag Night

Discussion in 'Buckeye Football' started by Padraig, Jan 5, 2005.

  1. Padraig

    Padraig Jesus loves you, the rest of us think ur an idiot. Former FF Keeper Champ

    I went to this two years ago for my first and only time. I'd really like to go again. (It was an absolute freakin blast! Krenzel, Olivia, Anderson and Reynolds were there)

    Does anyone (from or near the Western Ohio area) have any info on this year's event?

    So far I've been told that it has been set up for Feb. 12th and tickets are $60 per person. But that's all I know. (the guy I talked to says he might be able to get some tickets, but if I can cover my bases, I like to)

    Anyone know who's coming? (other than the mainstays, Vrabel and the Hoyings)

    Where can someone get tickets? (can a regular shmoe get tickets or do you have to "know somebody"?)
  2. JCOSU86

    JCOSU86 Go Bucks! Staff Member

    I'm from Coldwater, OH a couple of miles down the road from St. Henry and I know a lot of people that go to this. It is always a blast. Tix go fast, so you may need a contact. I don't live there anymore, but I could ask around.
  3. buckeye68

    buckeye68 Rookie

    Your best bet for a hook-up is to call Fish-mo's (419) 678-4623
  4. Padraig

    Padraig Jesus loves you, the rest of us think ur an idiot. Former FF Keeper Champ

    I'd appreciate anything you hear or find out.

    I'm from Sidney and I know a couple of people who know people who go, so I'm working hard to find someone with the actual scoop rather than a "sit back and hope" approach.

    Thanks buckeye68. I'll do that right now.
  5. AJHawkfan

    AJHawkfan Wanna make $14 the hard way?

    I went last year for the first time. As advertised, it was a great time. Fraser, Carpenter, Nuge, Hamby and Boeckman were all there. Vrabel couldn't be there, which kinda sucked, cuz everyone said he's funny as can be. He called in from a wedding though, and talked for a few minutes. Anyway, according to the regulars, they usually don't know who's all coming until they get on the motorhome and leave Columbus. I was talking to Carpenter afterward, and he said he was actually packing his stuff to go home for the weekend, when Fraser grabbed him and said "come on, we're going for a ride". He said his girlfriend was going to be pissed at him.
  6. Padraig

    Padraig Jesus loves you, the rest of us think ur an idiot. Former FF Keeper Champ

    I called Fish Mo's and was told to call the high school for ticket info, but was told to call back in a day or two because the athletic director (along with everyone else) went home for the day because of an ice storm we're having here right now. Hopefully once school is back in they'll have some info.

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction all.

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