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Capo Regime
Staff member
Yes Nola, Spring is here. After a cool,windy week, I spent this sunny morning and early afternoon hitting groundballs and then working on the field after getting a few great pointers from CoastalBuck...who still will not give me their Reel Mower :(

Put together 2 new "L" screens, cleaned out an equipment room, and put up some new sections of windscreen since we seem to have some coach/parenst who enjoy sitting next to the dugout.

High of 68...short thunderstorm in the afternoon but otherwise perfect:)
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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
bucknola said:

Siesta Key is one sweet spot.
Hard to choose between the sand at destin and SK.

I worked at the power generation plant in Bradenton.
Spent a lot of time on the beach there.
Always cool to grab a drink at one of the beach bars and watch the sun go down.
Fort Myers, Sarasota and Bradenton used to be a nice area.

It's a great area... we're looking at buying a house down in North Port in the next few months. I don't want to move away from Siesta Key but that's where the housing is most affordable right now. We ususally go to Siesta Key once a week to catch a sunset.... I've got some great pictures of my kids playing in the sand as the sun is setting. The only problem now is that are so many seasonal people and tourists... the beach is loaded with people at night to catch the sun going down.
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I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
New Port Richey is north of where I am.... North Port is south. It's between Sarasota and Ft Myers. It's close to where all the damage was from the Hurricane Charlie. If you travel south on I75 from Sarasota you'll run into Venice and then North Port.
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Our church has no bells.
Played rugby yesterday. It was about 65 degrees. Short-sleeve jerseys. It was perfect as it had rained earlier in the week so the ground wasn't hard even though most of the mud had dried. Took the long way from the pitch to the after-match party through midtown with the sunroof open. Drank heavily on a patio. Eventually went home for a shower. Found another patio at Piedmont Park and continued to drink until early this morning. Another couple of weeks and Atlanta will be perfect. Immediately thereafter the pollen will set in.
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True Madness Requires Significant Intelligence
Still the same thing. Mowed, and added weed and feed to the yard yesterday. Put down stuff to kill the nasty fire ants. Cleaned the pool. Lot more yard work to do. Always nice to sit on the back porch and enjoy an Abita Amber afterward.

When I moved here there was one stop light from the end of the causeway to my house. Now there are seven. Mandeville = Metarie North. Store all your crap in the garage and park on the street. Still 500 undeveloped acres behind my house. Church owns and wants to build a church and a school.

Caught the SoulFest at the zoo yesterday. By May it will start the mean season.

Two weeks ago I was in Wyoming, knee deep in snow in below zero temperatures.

Pass the sunscreen, will ya? :biggrin:
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High Seas Rogue
MililaniBuckeye;1891055; said:
No rain, temps in the upper 70s, low 80s. Snow kidding...

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