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Spoiled Kids - Interesting Article

I see it everyday.

Perhaps it is because I live in an unusual, for LA, area but kids here drive expensive luxury cars to high school.

I have seen kids throw a fit at the health club when their mom did not buy them an Icee or their drink of choice. Parents can't and won't say no. We have no problem telling our kids they are kids and no means no.

My kids are overindulged compared to what I had but we make them work and earn their allowance and the best thing they ever get as a present is a giftcard. They learn the value of things and when it is all gone, it is all gone.

My neighbors kid drives a souped up chevy truck, he has no job. He is always speeding through the neighborhood. The little asshole has his license suspended and his parents still let him drive. This is the same kid who was caught having sex with his undergage girlfriend. He told his parents he would take her home when he was done.

My concern is these are the kids my kids have to grow up with. If a boy does not believe no means no and fucks with my daughter I will rip his fucking head off.

My wife teaches pre-school gymnastics and the school year has just started. They have had all sorts of disciple problems.

Is this the future?
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I teach at a fairly affluent HS, and the most spoiled kids are always the ones who are the biggest assholes. A lot of the problem is that parents try to buy peace/quiet/getting along w/ their kids via $$ and then expect the school to instill values in their children. Still, a lot of the seniors in the school do have jobs and are used to working and doing things. I didn't want to have a job besides mowing lawns in HS, but at the same time I didn't ask my parents for stuff.

Nola-you ought to take some pictures of the little asshole driving his truck and "anonymously' turn them in to the local gendarmes. I'm sure they would love to have a chat w/ him and his parents.
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