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Beat the Irish until they can't River Dance!
NavyBuck said:
The HC is limited to ONE "off-campus" (off the university's campus) visit to a recruit. The NCAA bylaws don't mention "in-home" because that is just another variation of an off-campus visit. The HC can meet the recruit at the recruit's school, at the recruit's home, someplace else or all three. But regardless of the number of locations, they must occur on the same day. If you meet the recruit at a restaurant on one day and at his home on another day, that counts as two visits and is a violation. There are provisions for "incidental" or "accidental" contact... QUOTE]

This is the violation that Randy Ayers had that cost us Damon Flint to UC - he took him to Damon's on Olentangy River Road and "thought it was on-campus".


Will work for bpCash
I've already committed 'harry-carry' so it's to late now to correct it. I'll commit 'hara kiri' in my next life.:biggrin:

Man, how many mistakes can I make in one thread. I figured I was gonna pay.

ysubuck said:
I thought it was Harry Carrey :)
For some reason I'm getting a visual I'm not liking.:tongue2:
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Well, that's like hypnotizing chickens.
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silly akak no need for wallets, just strap them around your shoulder like Rambo w/ bullets.

Good idea.. but I still have some issues...

Would bigger hot dogs be worth more?

Would poor people have Hot Dog Envy?

Would you be able to "Crap Change"

As if women don't judge enough based on the bulge in your pants. "Is that Money on you pocket or are you just happy to see me?"
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akak, I think size does not matter..cough... but if they are Kosher obviously they are worth more. The ones with cheese/peppers or other stuff in the middle would fall somewhere in between the standard dog and kosher ones. Counterfitting may be a problem I've yet to solve.

"Hot dogs are definitely a phallic symbol, and quite frankly, I'm not too keen on having wang money"

count me out on the hot dog currency thing. Todays money is filthy but I want no part of handling hot dog currency after the male ice skater.
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