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Split Thread: Does ND Need To Join a Conference

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You're right, they need a softer schedule. That is why I think they should join a conference. Then they will play the Indianas, Penn States, and Illinois. They may or may not be able to compete in the Big Ten right now, but once they can offer players more they'll get the recruits to compete.
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an imbecility, a stupidity without name

Lose something, Domer?
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MililaniBuckeye said:
By saying they need to join a conference, you imply that if they don't then it will be detrimental.
I feel, personally, that ND would be better served playing in a conference. I'm not saying they'll do better if they do. I'm not saying they'll do worse if they do. I just believe that things will align where the better deal will be that they join a conference. Maybe those things will be caused because the BCS finally goes through on their word and doesn't include the ND clause anymore?
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methomps said:

Lose something, Domer?
they play for a black dildo?

Well we all know that ND play a tougher schedule than most any BIG10 team EVERY year and lets see how if OSU can beat MSU and MICH. before we furhter this tough BIG 10 stuff....
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