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Speaking of the overpopulation issue...


Ever thus to ____ers
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...add one more Mexican to the roster.

From CNN.com

(Reuters) -- A pregnant woman in Mexico gave birth to a healthy baby boy after performing a caesarean section on herself with a kitchen knife, doctors said on Tuesday.

It is thought to be the first known case of a self-inflicted caesarean in which both the mother and baby survived.

The unidentified 40-year-old, who lived in a rural area without electricity, running water or sanitation that was an eight-hour drive from the nearest hospital, performed the operation when she could not deliver the baby naturally.

She had lost a previous baby due to labor complications.

"She took three small glasses of hard liquor and, using a kitchen knife, sliced her abdomen in three attempts...and delivered a male infant that breathed immediately and cried," said Dr R.F. Valle, of the Dr Manuel Velasco Suarez Hospital in San Pablo, Mexico.

Valle recounted the event in a report in the International Journal of Gynecology and Obstetrics.

Before losing consciousness the woman told one of her children to call a local nurse for help. After the nurse stitched the wound with a sewing needle and cotton thread, the mother and baby were transferred and treated by Valle and his colleagues at the nearest hospital.

Regardless of the fact that I'm prejudiced against hispanics (don't get all mad - I truly do hate just about everybody for one reason or another), this distresses me. I guess any reasonable person should find this inspiring, but, ah...I just don't. Amazing, yes. But still distressing. Another warm body to weigh the planet down, and this child will probably do nothing but consume more natural resources. I'm sure you all have something to say about this story, so fire away.
mexicans come over the border to bear their children because they instantly become citizens of the united states.....the kids that is.....as a result, they are allowed free education, free medical treatment and all of the perks every other child in america gets.....
if the child is born within the borders of america....this is its right....many,many,many latino women cross the border for this reason.....

they know that we will pay for their child for the rest of its life if it is born on our soil....

and we wonder why our economy is suffering.....i say the united states has become the rich uncle for the world....everyone is trying to live off of our wealth and we are too naive to realize it.....
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vrbryant said:
This is sick, and I'll probably get shit on for it, but something in me wants to send that story to an American couple who just had a miscarriage and watch their reaction.

I'm not even sure what the above quote means... do you care to elaborate?

For the record, my wife had three miscarriages inbetween delivering three healthy children. I do not see the relevance of a woman in Mexico giving herself a C-section (rather than losing another child) to a couple in the US having a misscarriage. You'll have to educate me.

I'm not easy to shock.. I consider myself a pretty level guy... but your statements in this thread are indeed shocking.
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Originally Posted by vrbryant
This is sick, and I'll probably get shit on for it, but something in me wants to send that story to an American couple who just had a miscarriage and watch their reaction.

I'd like to know exactly what that means as well. Please elaborate.
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1. My wife had several miscarriages, and I find this story inspiring.
2. This woman was in Mexico, not the United States. I don't see what this has to do with illegal immigration.
3. Your statement that the child will probably just use up more natural resources: I'm interested in knowing just exactly what it is that you do or have done that makes you think that you are so much more valuable to the world than the child.
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vrbryant said:
This is sick, and I'll probably get shit on for it, but something in me wants to send that story to an American couple who just had a miscarriage and watch their reaction.

I too am not sure what you mean by this???? My wife had a misscarriage and I don't see any correlation between that story and our expreince.
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Before I say anything at all, let me apologize to those of you who have been offended by my earlier statement. I do not expect that this elaboration will fix the situation entirely, but I hope to at least get it across that I meant no disrespect to anyone here on BuckeyePlanet or otherwise. I did anticipate that the comment would be poorly received, but I did not - at the time - bother to make sure that its many possible (and, as it turns out, probable) misconceptions were met with appropriate disclaimers.

As I stated in the original post, the story of the woman administering herself a Caesarian section and birthing a healthy child was distressing to me. I was confounded by the very idea, and did not believe it when I heard about it from a friend. After giving it thought, I found a measure of depressing irony in that a woman of such poor financial and social stead could cut herself open with a kitchen knife and have a healthy baby, and affluent people with all the benefits of modern medicine can still - through no fault of their own - somehow fail to do so. While I'm sure my statement could have been taken as such, I saw no humor in this, nor did I have the slightest intention of having a laugh at the American couple's expense. The statement was in the vein of the post; further evidence that there are things wrong with the world, and (more notably) with the state of health care in America. I would not wish the tragedy of a miscarriage upon anyone, regardless of nationality or economing standing. I do not expect that those of you who have suffered this misfortune will find comfort in my interpretation of this particular news story, but I hope that I have made it clear that no malice or offense was intended by the comments in question.

If anyone has any continuing concerns or issues with anything I've said, I welcome and urge you to make yourself heard. This is, after all, a forum for open discussion, and I am more than willing to address any and all commentary on this or anything else that continues to be an issue.
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Hey, where do I send MY kids to get this supposed free medical treatment? I pay a hell of a lot for it. And if I stopped paying, I'd stop getting. Oh, and at free clinics you get what you pay for.
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I have nothing but to utmost respect and admiration for the woman. Un-f*cking-believable. She gutted herself with no anethesia just to save her baby. That kid had better never ever give his/her mother any lip.

Instead of forwarding this to every couple who was a victim of miscarriage (a tragic thing which can't be helped), send it to all the women who get abortions for their convenience.
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