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I should've linked the article from CBSSportsline. He apparently has been up this guy's ass ever since he finally showed up in camp to give him #80. I understand that it's relatively common to want a particular number, but even so, what a fag he is.
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this may be the first goood play that winslow has made.....nothing wrong with wanting to wear your dads number...

thats actually pretty cool....as a dad...i like it...

i still hate the punk though.....
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Here's the article....

Winslow gets dad's number

TOM WITHERS, AP Sports Writer
Wednesday, September 8, 2004

(09-08) 12:56 PDT BEREA, Ohio (AP) --

Kellen Winslow Jr. already had his Hall of Fame father's soft hands. Now he's got his number, too.

Winslow, the Browns' talented rookie tight end, was able to buy No. 80 -- the number his dad made famous with the San Diego Chargers -- from teammate Aaron Shea for his first season in the NFL.

Winslow wore No. 11 during the exhibition season and had been after Shea for weeks about changing numbers. Finally, Winslow met Shea's undisclosed asking price.

Shea wouldn't say how much he got from Winslow, who held out of training camp for 12 days before signing a six-year, $40 million contract with Cleveland.

All Shea would reveal was that he didn't get as much for the jersey as former teammate Mark Campbell, who made Buffalo rookie wide receiver Lee Evans pay him $20,000 for No. 83 with the Bills.

"I didn't get a deal like Campbell got," said Shea. "Campbell robbed the guy. I guess I have to work on my negotiating skills."

Shea joked that he could use tips from some high-profile agents before he gets involved in another bargaining session with Winslow.

"He had the Postons negotiating for him," Shea said referring to Winslow's representatives. "I'm doing it all by myself."

Winslow did not comment on his number switch. He has not spoken to the local media since Aug. 17.

Shea had worn No. 80 since joining the Browns in 2000. After giving it up to Winslow, he had a choice of No. 83, Campbell's old number with the Browns, or No. 89, the same number one of his boyhood idols, Mike Ditka, wore for Chicago.

"I went with Campbell," said Shea.
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