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So what grade would you give the Big Ten this week?


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Good news:

Purdue in another laugher
Indiana stuns Oregon at Autzen

Good news with caveats:

OSU wins a thriller over Marshall (closer than we all would have liked)
Michigan State over Central Michigan (though Rutgers lost to New Hampshire at home this week)
Iowa edges Iowa State (closer than it should have been)
Wisconsin over UNLV (didn't score much)
Minnseota over Illinois State (but only won 37-21 over I-AA)

Bad news:

Notre Dame over top 10 Meatchicken
Boston College humbles Penn State
Arizona State beats NW
UCLA blows out Illinois

My overall grade: B for the week, and we didn't hurt ourselves anywhere near as much as the Big XII has so far.


I give up. This board is too hard to understand.
a solid C for the conference as a whole. Loses combines with stupid mistakes and sloppy play. The Big Ten is pretty young as a whole so these should correct themselves. After two weeks no one stands out as the favorite, IMHO.
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I will give them one grade better than the B12...they just look worse every week.

UT about went down again to Arkansas again
KSU gets drilled at home by Fresno State
Nebraska gets upended by a C-USA Southern Miss team
T A&M and Mizzu have been previously exposed and humbled

It going to be quite similar to the last couple of years, OU is going to look like greek gods by running up 70 points a game on weak teams and then get their nuts snatched off and used for dice by a good team down the stretch.

Oh well, we shouldn't be too worried about the national picture untill we can come out of NCSU with a W. The TO problem just has to be fixed this week or we are going to get beat by this team.
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I'd give the Big-10 a B. Penn St. was disappointing, but I was happy with TSUN's loss to ND. Indiana's win at Autzen (where TSUN lost last year) made up for NW and Illinois losing at home to Ariz St. and UCLA.

Not that most people would notice, but it was a better wek for Conference USA and the WAC than it was for the Big-12.
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Pimp Minister Sinister
"Purdue in another laugher": Grade: A. They did what they had to, and should do in a convincing manner.

"Indiana stuns Oregon at Autzen": Grade: A+. A shocker. I wouldn't have picked this upset in 100 years.

"OSU wins a thriller over Marshall": Grade: B+. The grade is this high because they pulled out the win. Otherwise, we'd be looking at a D.

"Michigan State over Central Michigan": Grade: INC. This game doesn't mean much. MSU should win, and its difficult to measure a team against Central scUM.

"Iowa edges Iowa State": Grade: C+. Iowa's OL and team isn't as good as the last two years, so to expect them to romp their in-state rival (especially one who they've had problems with in the past) is a little unrealistic. However, this game is also not much of a litmus test.

"Wisconsin over UNLV": Grade: C. A boring game, but one that Whisky has had a tendency to lose in the past.

"Minnseota over Illinois State": Grade: INC. Game means nothing. Wasn't much of a test for Minny, and the close score could indicate that they were sleepwalking. Mason's got this program in the right direction, and they could be at their peak potential.

"Notre Dame over top 10 Meatchicken": Grade: F. This game always has strange results. Picking an upset or a road win is always a safe bet here, and seems to always happen in this match-up. That being said, this is scUM's 3rd biggest rival. They should've been ready, and the Irish were reeling. Even with Henne at QB, it should've been enough.

"Boston College humbles Penn State": Grade: F. Its a shame to see how far one of the most storied programs in CFB has fallen. This was supposed to be PSU's year, and if he can't get it done anymore, JoePa should step down. This might be the nail in the coffin of the best career in CFB history.

"Arizona State beats NW": Grade: INC. Yawn.

"UCLA blows out Illinois": Grade: INC. Ditto.

Add em all up, and the Conference Grade is a B-/C+ (closer to a C+). Indiana had the best win, but it won't have any long-term implications for the conference. Ohio State showed that its still too young to get a read, and scUM just pissed away the conference's only other shot at the Orange Bowl.
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