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So the Iowa guys in my office

are just having a field day w/all our troubles off the field. they will just not let up...double teaming me in emails and talking about how Iowa is the new Big Ten dynasty. gimme a break. so then i respond saying how the last two years is just a blip ...what about the last ten years? or hte last twenty? or fifty?

the response: what about 90-91? remember chuck long?

gimme a break! but i think they really believe what they're saying....:roll2:


Hating the environment since 1994
  • I remember watching us hang about 50 on Iowa in the first half back in the mid 90's. Tell them that if they want to use revisionist history.

    If you really want to get them, ask them to tell you how many National Titles they have, that should shut them up.


    Tell them outside the state of Iowa, they are known for their wrestling rather than their football.
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