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So I finally saw the 3rd Matrix last night


Calmer than you are.
wolfamngstsheep said:
Anyone want to discuss it? I was a little disapointed with the ending. But it made sense (kind of).
I was pretty pissed. It was very slow for a good portion of the movie. The end was terrible. How do you explain how he does that crap outside of the matrix, unless it's magic? How can someone make a movie about what is real and what isn't? Finding the weakness of the technology that's controlling mankind, and how to manipulate those weaknesses. And in the end, the only way you can beat it is to use magic. Pure unadulterated crap. VERY disappointing.:pissed:
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Mirror Guy
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Ok here's what I was able to pull out of it. After Neo visited the Architect in Reloaded he was connected to the source and in turn every machine that was connected to the source. That is why he was able to control the machines in the real world. You notice that after he was blinded he was not able to see anything that wasn't part of the machine world. He couldn't see the ship or Trinity only the machines and the machine city. He displayed no magic, just the ability to control the machines because he was the one.
During the fight with Agent Smith Neo realized what he was told that he had code in him that had to be reinserted into the Matrix to get it to reset. Since Smith had already taken over everyone else he had the rest of the code in him. When Smith assimilated Neo he completed the code and caused the Matrix to reset.

I got this from another board when I was having a hard time figuring out what happened.

The Matrix is a universe created by the machines to control humans and use them as an energy source. The thing that people need to know is that there is only one Matrix but its reloaded every time Neo (The One) returns to the source. All programs that are no longer needed face deletion and need to return to the source, this is why Neo must go back to the so that the Matrix can be reloaded. The Matrix can’t be reloaded without Neo’s return. (keep that in mind it will be explained later) <O:p

That said it reveals a few things that we didn’t know in the first movie. Neo was partially programmed and genetically changed to be The One so he isn’t fully human. Neo is in sort a machine like human that can go from the Matrix into the real world or visa versa. This is why you see him in the orange glow at the end of the 3rd movie. It also explains why Neo can see the machines and Mr. Smith while blind folded in the real world.

So now that we all know that Neo has been programmed to be in the Matrix he must have a purpose if not he wouldn’t have been created in the first place. Keep in mind I’m not saying Neo isn’t human because he is but he is also being used by the Machines. Before we get to why he is there let’s quickly answer who created him. The oracle and Architect created Neo and the oracle was created after the first Matrix by the Architect.

If you recall the first Matrix movie Mr. Smith comments on how the Matrix didn’t work out at first because the humans wouldn’t accept it. The flawless system wasn’t perfect after all because the machines couldn’t read human emotion and people wouldn’t accept that version of the Matrix so crops of human where lost. To fix this the Architect created the Oracle who can read humans and she came up with the second version of Matrix which almost worked fine except for a few people who do escape the Matrix and go to Zion. The latest Matrix program is so perfect that most people aren’t ready to be freed because they accept what they see.

So Neo has a purpose as all programs in the Matrix do but his is pretty special because he is there to keep hope for people in the real world Zion. It’s another form of control that the machines made up. By giving Zion hope the machines won’t face another revolution by the humans. Neo keeps hope in Zion and as he is programmed he must also return to the source but first he must find the French guy that leads him to the key maker. Here is the twist the main reason Neo (The One) was created to take care of Mr. Smith who has started to think freely from the matrix. Each and every time the Matrix is reloaded Mr. Smith starts to think freely from the Matrix the way he does in the movie and begins to take over the Matrix. He does this because he is trying to balance out the equation. The stronger The One gets the stronger he gets. The last 6 times the Matrix has been reloaded Neo has failed to beat Mr. Smith and he and each time he completes the cycle he returns to the source with more information for the architect to use in the next version of Matrix. The One is the one that beats Mr. Smith so all the previous 6 Neo’s where not the one and each one choose the other door to reload the Matrix and start it all over again.

The Oracle is helping Neo as she has in the past to the inevitable future that will lead him to the architect. This time as every other time the Oracle wants to free the humans so she is helping Neo throughout all 3 of the movies to a path that will lead him to peace. (She is working both sides this is why he doesn’t know if he should trust her in the 3rd one.)

When Neo meets the Architect he has a choice of 2 doors. The one door is to reload the Matrix therefore save Zion and the other is to decide if Trinity lives or die. He ends up flying to Trinity’s rescue. This is the first time that Neo has chosen this door. The other 6 Neo’s always chose to reload the Matrix and this is when we and the Architect finaly realize that he is The One. It give a twist to the story. Neo still needs to return to the source before the machines destroy Zion but first he must kill Mr. Smith. This is why at the end he goes to the Machine world to ask them for peace and in return he will destroy Mr. Smith.

The Oracle allows Mr. Smith to take her. She did create him and she also can tell the future of Neo’s mind so she knows that by doing this he will eventually meet Neo.

Mr. Smith’s powers have grown just as Neo’s has. Since he never was deleted they have no control over him and his powers have just grown thereby destroying the Matrix world. The machines know that Neo may be their only chance to delete Mr. Smith so they agree to peace and patch Neo back into the Matrix. So the fight goes on and at the end he ends up being taken over by Mr. Smith but what he doesn’t know is that Neo is in a way still inside of him and is being patched into the Matrix from the source so he is eventually deleted and the Matrix is reloaded once again but this time Mr. Smith wont get out of control. The last scene shows that the Matrix is back up and running in its full beauty without the virus Mr. Smith.

Neo saved the real world and the machine world. (Machine world saved from Mr. Smith and the Real World from the machines)

The war has ended and they are going to live together in peace as agreed. The machines will not break the peace promise as the Architect mentions at the end of the movie. Machines are unable to break it and as it was shown in the Animatrix it’s the human that first started the war.

The machines cannot live without the matrix so they won’t be freeing everyone’s mind but the people who find out and want to be freed will be. This is a perfect ending because most people are not ready to be freed. At the end the little girl asks if they will ever see Neo again and she says maybe, so he may be reinserted into the matrix and return as he has in the past.
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Calmer than you are.
Holy crap. After all these months of being pissed off, it finally makes sense.:bow: I'm definitely going to have to buy the 3rd matrix and animatrix now. Maybe I can finally appreciate the whole series like I did the first movie.:biggrin: Thank you exhawg for finally granting me inner peace.:wink2: Can you explain why Star Wars episode one and two sucked so bad, but the books actually told the story right?:shake:
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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  • "I have a feeling even Independence Day is too complicated for Mililani to understand."

    Yeah, but even the aliens knew the first thing to blow the f*ck up was the 7-11s...

    Thank you, ka-boom again...
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    The first Matrix movie is on TBS right now.

    Great story, and the special effects are cool.

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    DaytonBuck;658153; said:
    Where does the third movie rank in comparison to the other two?

    Hard to say.

    When I first saw the Matrix, it blew me away with all the special effects and a great story line. The second movie was ok, some cool scenes also (highway scene), but it seemed to drag on. Then on to Revolutins, you get to see the machine city as Neo ends up there, and as I had said before, the battle for Zion is great, and even better with a big tv and nice sound system.

    My favorite would have to be Revolutions as im in it for action, and that is what this movie is all about from the start to the final battle with Agent Smith.
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