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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
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LAS VEGAS - The man suspected in two dozen sniper shootings that have terrorized Ohio motorists was arrested at a Las Vegas motel early Wednesday, authorities said.

Charles A. McCoy Jr., 28, was taken into custody near the Stardust casino two days after he was named as a suspect in the Columbus-area shootings, said Las Vegas police Lt. Christopher Van Cleef.

"We got him in custody without incident," Van Cleef said.

Police were told of McCoy's whereabouts by a person who recognized him from media reports, Van Cleef said.
According to our local Metro police press guy he was in the sports book at the Stardust and had a brief conversation with a person named Conrad eating pizza there who thought he recognized him. He was calling himself Charles. The person, who may have been a police undercover guy....the press guy was vague about that...went to his room, check out the Internet to verify his license plate number and then tailed him to the nearby Budget Suites motel and then reported his location to police.They arrested him outside his room and were awaiting a warrant to search his room at last report.
Las Vegas Metro guys are very quick and efficient here...they are everywhere around the Strip, of course.
Go Bucks!
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Woody1968 said:
Has anybody heard what kind of evidence they had on the guy?

Are you talking about evidence that linked him to the shootings? If so, his father turned in several of his guns including a 9mm that has been linked to the shootings. His car also matches the description given by witnesses who saw him shooting at cars from an overpass. He's the guy, no question.
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